What's a good source for plastic?

I’m planning to add permanent boat hulls to the Sun Wave. Debugging in thirty or so sheet metal made it float in testing, but the weight really cut down my acceleration on land, so it looks like I’m going either carbon fiber or plastic.
Since carbon fiber boat hulls can’t be crafted, and I don’t have a source, I’m looking at lining the bottom with plastic hulls. The problem is I need a crapton of plastic chunks, like 25 per square, and at least thirty or so squares.
Can anybody think of a good way to get large quantities of plastic readily? I know there’s plenty out there, but I can’t think of a good site in particular to head for.

Cutting up plastic and rubber stuff? (boots, bags, kneepads, bottles, jugs, bowls)

10L tanks give plastic jerrycans, I think it gives good amount of plastic

I typically condense all my liquids into jerrycans and 200L steel drums, and then cut up all the now empty plastic bottles for plastic chunks.

Gallon jugs give quite a bit. Raid a lab, pillage all the jugs of bleach and ammonia, pour it into a couple of 200L drums, and cut up the plastic jugs.

Deconstructing computer consoles found in homes / labs etc via construction menu gives ~10 plastic a piece. Smashing indoor plants/trash cans found in both gives plastic as well, televisions spawn in both which can be disassembled for 8 plastic or so.

There are some items that also give ~100+ plastic when butchered. One of them is a luggage bag found in hotels. Another is a plastic 25L arm basket used for holding dirty clothes on their way to cleaning.

I’m pretty sure some car parts also give 10+ plastic when disassembled.

That might be worth looking into. I need like 750 chunks minimum, so just cutting up bottles and jugs will take forever.
If I could source about 11 or 12 undamaged hazmat suits, I think that would do it, but I don’t think they spawn in those numbers anywhere. I could swear I got a ton of plastic from some furniture I disassembled, but I’m at a loss to what it was.

It might be easier to change your wheel configuration than replacing all the boat hulls.

You’re only saving 4.5 kg per tile by going from sheet metal boat hulls to plastic boat hulls, so the difference is only 135 kg for a 30 tile vehicle or 270 kg for a larger, 6x10 vehicle. 135 kg is not going to make a difference unless the Sun Wave is powered by foot pedals. You’d get more weight reduction by swapping a pair of armored wheels for regular wheels.

Anyway, if you still need large quantities of plastic, I think there’s still a bug where laundry baskets determine their butcher quality by volume, not by mass, and thus produce 100+ plastic chunks per laundry basket. Trying looting a laundry mat.

I’m mostly concerned with my acceleration while using my electric engine, it went down from 3 to 2 towards the end there when I tried the metal hulls, so I’m near a weight threshold. I really need to throw out a bunch of crap, but y’know, hoarding.
What do carbon fiber hulls spawn on, anyway?

Ooh, sweet, there’s a laundromat not far from here, I’ll try that then.

For me car batteries were allways best source of plastic, 20 each

Laundry Baskets, Cutting up random clothing, Gallon Jugs, Plastic Jerrycans, Rubber Boots…

Wow, I never knew that there was this many sources of plastic! Dang, I’ve been really missing out.

I wish I could offer more of a suggestion, but I only knew some of the basic stuff in the first place.
I can say one thing which you probably already know: Searching in bushes for enough plastic would be a stupid idea.

I’m hoping there’ll be a few laundry baskets at the laundromat when I hit it up. 750 is a lot of plastic chunks.

Another good source I’ve come up with is arcades – you can get about 15 per arcade cabinet. (disassemble the cabinet + cut up the television if you don’t need the electronics) That’s about 1 chunk per minute until you run out of cabinets. Adding the lesser amounts from pinball machines it’s easily 200+ chunks in an arcade. Recycle centers should have a lot in its plastic bins, too.
Sadly there aren’t any of either near me right now, but this is a more backburner project anyway.

If cutting superglue to plastic chunk still works, you can use my terrible idea:
go to swamp on a electric car with mounted chemistry lab, find a salt lake, and then start making superglue from salt water (through bleach) and cutting it to plastic chunks. With ratio about 1 successful cut per 10-15 failed ones, in a few in-game years you will get significant amount of plastic “from nothing”.

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Oh, the laundromat was kind of a bust – not a laundry basket in sight. Still, I got 53 from the three arcade machines in the front, and another 80 or so from the arcade and pinball machines in the neighboring bar, so it wasn’t a total crapfest. A hazmat zombie’s ANBC suit added another 20 or so.
I’m up to 133 out of 750, which is a start at least.

Random chance of female swimmer zombies having breast implants. While not explicitly plastic in reality. I wouldn’t be opposed to a bad medical snaffu epidemic in breast implants due to some underground medical implant money grab. Butchering them would reveal the truth of the epidemic and become a good source of plastic =D

Oh and labs also have a chance to spawn this server room with about 30 dead consoles… that’s about 350 plastic. Also not affected by world item spawn chance.

Ooh, yeah, LAN centers should work too. I totally forgot about those, that’s a really good source!