Welding filled fuel tanks?

How come I did not blow myself up repairing those 2 external diesel fuel tanks? I should have :smiley:

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Pfft. My deathmobile sports a 60L tank - obviously made from steel - in which I store 32L of nitric acid. For at least a season if not more.
The other thing to consider is you don’t need any materials to repair any vehicle part so it’s magic anyway. When in doubt, just say “it’s blob magic”. You can explain pretty much anything with it.

That’s not exactly true. Repairing solar panels and tyres does consume material.

++ headlights

And yet you can’t recycle aluminum cans into extra-light frames because that’s unrealistic.

When 0.F is out I’m going to suggest ‘light metal frames’ with ~10% more mass than extra-light frames for the same strength made out of recycled Al cans with a little magnesium powder added.