What you put in the shopping cart?

The title. What kind of items you leave in hands of you loved shopping cart?

I start: Big weapons, all the junkfood and the books.



Shopping cartulhu fhtagn?

Its Cartulhu! Someone ram it with a fishing boat THE RMCC

it was worth reposting that again

I want a picture of this now.

As an unrelated note, I just felt a light of inspiration telling me to play Cataclysm. Maybe Cartulhu was all I needed.
Thank you, based Keyreper.

Anything heavy and/or bulky.

Everything useful, then I drag it back to my dump house and empty it out. Then I upgrade to a car with 5 or so cargo spaces and dump all the useful stuff into that.

all the tools i need around the house

I whack in heavy but very useful (in my opinion) tools, for example shovels, fireaxes, etc. Having two shopping carts near your base is good, because you can use another for gallon jugs of liquids you’re going to need like gasoline and water. (Gallon jugs are pretty hard to carry by yourself.) Also shopping carts act as a portable bush for killing zombies with your melee weapons; walking through one costs 400 move points.

Either that or just whack it full of mininukes and see that stupid ‘looks like you need an ID card for that’ message pop up at you now.

Whack a 4 litre engine, a seat, some controls and cover the rest in spikes?

[quote=“darkmonkey07, post:13, topic:5906”]Myself
Whack a 4 litre engine, a seat, some controls and cover the rest in spikes?

:open_mouth: … Impressive.

it gets you from point A to point B in OHGODIMGOINGTODIE SP/M
that’s Screams per Minute


Place beside active horde, fire upon installed fuel tank.
Explosion x 29.

Everything dead.

I think I have a shopping cart curse, every time I try to use one I die…

No, that’s just Cataclysm.