Latest experimental Jacking bug

So as of 7300 whatever the heck. There lies a bug with bottle/scissors jacks. I’m only able to use a folding crane(not sure of vehicle attachment crane arms) to lift heavy parts; not all but examples are: engines, heavy frames and tires…I think tires…been a long night =(

The bug? Simple. I have makeshift jack, bottle jack, scissor jack and neither works in regard to removing these parts from a vehicle.

…I maybe able to “change tire” as an option but I cannot remember. I was mostly using the less annoying Folding Crane instead of testing everything. Sorry =/

Using jacking for heavy parts has been replaced with using lifting tools like the crane and cantilever. It makes sense, but makes early game a lot more irritating.

So bottle/scissor/makeshift are useless items now?? This makes no sense as I can move a tire irl to my jacked vehicle.

Cantilever in game is a what now? the arms attachments you can place on a vehicle?

Jacks can be used to add, remove and replace tires, but not things like engines ir frames or storage batteries.

The telescopic cantilever is a crane item you can attach to vehicles. I think it might be craftable.

Ahh…right. I’ve seen those. They make for an ugly attachment. Thus I never attached one. So good thing I found the folding crane then early on :slight_smile:

Thanks for the clarification.