New jacking system explained

I became fed up with not enough info being available on what jack lifts what so i delved into the jsons to get that info.

In short, to lift anything you either need the required strength, or something with jacking quality. I did not delve into the lifting formula, but thats not the important thing here. What is is important is what jack can lift what part:

Solution: Just assume that Jacking quality of 1 equals lifting of 500kg, and do the math for all the jacks following.

Jacks in Item format:

    "id": "jack_makeshift",
    "name": "makeshift jack",
    "description": "A poorly constructed improvised scissor jack rated to lift 500kg if you're brave enough to use it.",
    "qualities": [ ["JACK", 1 ] ]

{ "id": "jack_small", "name": "scissor jack", "description": "A small scissor jack rated to lift one metric tonne.", "qualities": [ ["JACK", 2 ] ] },

{ "id": "jack", "name": "bottle jack", "description": "A portable hydraulic bottle jack rated to lift 3 metric tonnes.", "qualities": [ ["JACK", 6 ] ]

Jacks in vehicle part format:

{ "name": "boom crane", "item": "cantilever_medium", "qualities": [ [ "LIFT", 4 ], [ "JACK", 12 ] ], }

    "name": "telescopic crane",
    "item": "cantilever_small",
    "qualities": [ [ "LIFT", 1 ], [ "JACK", 3 ] ],

Afaik, vehicles cap at 6000kg when determining if they can be lifted, so the boom jack suffices for all vehicles.

Hope it helps.


VERY VERY helpful, thank you!

Any idea on what the “LIFT” quality is for?

LIFT quality should “allow installing heavier parts without lifting equipment”.
This means everything other than wheels.
The weight/quality should be the same (500kg per level)

This ain’t clear enough.
What i mean is that for every veh. part installation, we need to lift the part. If its too heavy, we need LIFT quality.
If we also need to change a wheel, we have to lift the vehicle too. This is where JACK quality comes in.
As i said above, quality levels translate to 500kg per level for both types.

Thanks! I was missing the description on the vehicle parts.

Sorry, this isn’t 100% thread-relevant, but what is this “The Excavator” vehicle. Why does it have a single-tile “boom crane” on the front? Why is it so tiny? Why does it have no alternator? Why is it the vehicle of choice on a farm? I looked up wheeled excavators on google, but I can’t seem to find anything that really resembles this. I could understand it being a generic interpretation of such a vehicle, limited by game mechanics, and then also altered a bit for more usability, but it still doesn’t seem to fit.