Boom Crane: I'm Losing My Mind

I cannot figure out how to get this thing to work. I have tried everything.

I’ve tried putting it on the vehicle itself

I’ve tried putting it INSIDE the vehicle itself

I’ve tried putting it on another vehicle

I’ve tried putting it INSIDE another vehicle

I’ve tried putting it on another BIGGER vehicle

I’ve tried making sure that vehicle was fully operable

I’ve tried every type and combination of controls

I’ve tried putting it on an electric vehicle with fully charged batteries

No matter where it’s installed, where the other vehicle is, how good line of sight is, which vehicle I’m inside of, nothing works. I know LIFTING requires direct line of sight and 4-ish tile proximity, but JACKING seems to require the tool to be on your person. Which isn’t possible with the boom. I got it to work in 0.C, but here I had to debug in an air jack just to get anything done.

Please explain to me how to make the lifty thing do the lifty thing.

What version of the game are you playing?
What component are you trying to lift or jack out of the vehicle?
Out of Your car or Nearby car?

I know you’ve tried this, but still:
There should be clear line of sight, from the point of view of the crane, to the component you are trying to lift AND it should be within 4 tiles away from the crane.
Just tried to take engine out of the nearby car, and tried to take wheel off nearby car - both worked. Clear line of sight - meaning: you have to be able to SEE that tile from where your crane is, unobstructed by vehicle walls.

In the picture - Camo car has internal crane, red car had a wheel [requires jacking to remove]. I opened the door in camo car to permit ‘line of sight’. If I close the door to make ‘line of sight’ disappear - lifting/jacking won’t be available.

if that fails - make a folding engine crane: vehicle made of folding frame, casters taken from shopping cart and Telescoping Cantilever. You can drag it around just like shopping cart and fold it when you don’t need it and carry in backpack; unfold when you do need it. Has less lifting/jacking capacity than boom crane, but it’s plenty for most tasks. If you don’t want to make one - garages sometimes have them inside.

Version is 0.F, just downloaded a week ago.

I have done that. I’ve put it on a portable generator, a motorcycle, and a shopping cart. Dragged it to literally every tile around the vehicle, with every door open and enough inboard mirrors to see everything from the driver’s seat.

It’s a Heavy Duty Cargo Truck on which I’ve replaced the bed with an enclosed living space. Three windows, two hatches, five mirrors, three cameras. Motors on all the shutters.

The only thing I haven’t tried is removing every single Board, because that would take an immense amount of time and resources, and I have already spent about an in-game week and 4 real-life hours just constructing the thing and putting all my stuff in it. Both my cargo shelves are completely full and I need to expand it, so doing that all over again too is an unappealing prospect. Especially since I lost all but two of my solar panels (and my mountain bike) in a fire while I was asleep. Stupid fucking mushrooms.

As far as I know, you don’t need gas or electricity to run the boom crane. Car it’s mounted on does Not have to be running.

Make a screenshot of your vehicle next to another vehicle you’re trying to butcher for parts to show how you’re attempting to do it, maybe it would be possible to see why it does not work.

Also - What are you trying to take off? A wheel? A battery? An engine? It matters where you place your crane for it to work.

…Which means I do need to remove all boards.

That is a pain in the ass.

I got it to work. Having nothing but bare frame makes it impossible not to have line of sight. So I’m going to need to remove the body to change the wheel hubs. Which makes aggravatingly little sense. I also have 14 wheel hubs, and will probably have 30 by the time this is finished. The stupid fucking mushrooms are making everything take F O R E V E R to process, too. Sleeping takes five minutes to finish. So this is gonna be miserable.

For the record, the problem wasn’t removing parts. It was that I couldn’t install anything. I had the parts on hand. Prior experiences have given me a habit of collecting unreasonable amounts of spare parts.

In your case, I would very seriously consider:
a) Moving out of town - with no mushrooms - and find new vehicles to butcher - in another town (or another galaxy, if mushrooms spread too far)
b) making portable/foldable crane (fabricate folding frame; fabricate Telescopic Cantilever; get ahold of casters from shopping cart; create new vehicle with folding frame you made; put Telescopic Cantilever on that ‘vehicle’, put casters on = now you have portable folding crane)
c) Now you can unfold your portable crane and drag it around just like shopping cart (Shift+G) to take off or install parts. (E)xamine that crane to fold it and put in your backpack or carry it when you’re done with repairs.
d) if wall is in the way in your own vehicle - take wall off and install a door instead. Zombies can’t get in… except for Mi-Gos and Ferals… but you can open the door to get clear line of site.

I tend to put one on a (non-folding) cart and drag it around with me when I’m working on a vehicle, and mount it on a bike rack when I want to take it somewhere on another vehicle. When I build them into vehicles, I usually put it on the end of 2-3 frames sticking out the back (or front) of the vehicle, and when working, I stand next to it. If the vehicle is large enough I’ll sometimes put it on the edge of the vehicle surrounded by boards. When installing a heavy turbine engine inside an existing vehicle, it’s best to put it in the vehicle as close as possible to where the engine is going but where you can also stand next to both the boom and the destination.

usually from what i’ve seen from these things they can be pretty finicky but from what i’ve seen you need to have them completely matched up sideways to thing if you’re it from a vechile.
you’d probably be better off trying to use a portable jack or something, or even bionic strength

Not possible. No portable jack has enough lifting power, and no amount of bionics will grant me the 40+ strength required.

What I wanna know is why everything is so goddamn heavy now. It’s like earth’s gravity has tripled.

I solved the fungus problem with a lighter and an M16. Still pretty slow, but the reason why is impossible to really know how to solve. There is a giant mob of eldritch creatures somewhere, but I have no idea where. The only reason I know it exists is the error messages it gives me when it fails to spawn something because there is nowhere to put it. Since I have no idea where it is, I have no idea where to go. Honestly, I could probably clear it out without much issue (unless there’s a Shoggoth), but there’s clearly a portal causing it.

Eh, I’ll live.

Since you’re in the city, you could be sitting on top of underground/subway lab with 200-300 creatures, which updates them every turn and cause you grief. Wherever they are - they are within 2.5 block radius around you (basically, your sight radius) and up or down 10 levels… if you really decided that town ain’t big enough for all of you - that’s your sweeping area.

I gave up sleeping/crafting/reading within the city limits long time ago and have to make trips out to nature to do any long tasks. (my PC was made in 2013 and is a slow great-grandma, by hardware standards)

What I wanna know is why everything is so goddamn heavy now. It’s like earth’s gravity has tripled

It takes in account your entire vehicle. All those frames at the back.