What kind of borked placement (buildings, items, monsters, etc.) RNG have you seen?

Whether it’s open sewage behind a clearly fancy restaurant, a FEMA camp in the middle of the road, or a child zombie seemingly loaded with jewelry and a wedding dress, what kind of borked placement RNG have you seen?

cocaine and meth on zombie children in schools has to be some of the worst.


Looks like you never encountered gipsy culture…

Children in american schools never do meth or coke?

maybe where you come form but in america no. They do bring guns to school (atleast in game they do).

That’s not what one sees in hollywood movies though :laughing:

Drugs in schools IRL (off topic)

maybe the byzantine way that sensationalism works has me misinformed, but if children younger than ~jr high (7th-8th year) are doing hard drugs it should be all over the news and leading to heavy crackdowns and knee jerk reactions. That this is not being seen tells me that drug pushes are at minimum staying smart and not targeting youngsters. The heavy use of scare tactics to keep children away from drugs EVERYTHING DANGEROUS might help too, though I have doubts it is a net health and benefits.

Full Kegs being carried around by zoms has to be high on the list… don’t think I’ve seen child zoms keeping kegs in their pocket, but crawlers and normal zeds I have.

Yeah, the notion of dealers selling to elementary kids was a Reagan era fantasy like the Welfare Queens. Even the most slimy, unethical pushers on earth won’t sell to little kids, because of one super important reason: they don’t have any money.

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Well, little kids might not have, but 7-8 grade can have money.

I, for one, used to steal money from my parents at that age and I know some of my school buddies did as well. Granted we were not in US, but I am sure that’s a thing there too.

In this instance, it’s a matter of perception, I think. The game doesn’t differentiate between elementary schoolers, high-schoolers, preschoolers, what have you. There are only “schools” that have “children” in them, and the ubiquitousness of tilesets tends to condition people into thinking of all “zombie children” as eight-year olds or the like.


I certainly can’t see myself suffering a morale penalty for killing the average 15-17 year old.

At least, not after playing any online FPS for a couple hours. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I’m not sure how to feel about this thread so quickly falling into pretty much just a discussion about minors and drugs.

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That happens a lot you start a thread and you never know where it goes form there.

(this is yet another divergence)

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Beehive, slime pit and an anthill near each other.

The refugee center is surrounded by fungoloids, and liaison of the old guard is ready to deal with the menace:

Also, the liaison offered me some fruit juice… by dumping it at my feet. :sweat:

That is great trade fodder my friend.

In one of my old games I had Tacoma community spawn near fungaloids (or the other way around, whatever). There was only one way to fix the problem. Good thing NPCs don’t care about their home being burnt to ground :grin:

Deputy Barnes had been ready for any eventuality, except of course the one that killed him.

A lawnmower on the 4th floor room of an apartment building with no elevators and no grass on the roof.