Considering the amount of zombies in schools shouldn't school scenario earn points?

Since in schools are one of the most dangerous places to be because of the massive swarms of child zombies shouldn’t starting off in the school scenario grant bonus points instead of being neutral?
It pretty much counts as a “zombies nearby” start

Not really. Zombie children are trivial to even low skill survivors, beyond the guilt penalties. And in return, you spawn in a building that’s usually well stocked with desireable gear like bags, skill books, food, and assorted equipment.

You spend a day or so kiting zombie children with the first club like item you find, and then your set.

Naw, they reduced the spawns at the school not that long ago. I just ran a playthrough of it a few weeks ago and found it a very easy start. One of my favorites, in fact, due to the lax spawns and high quality loot.

I think, from your other comments, that you play on an older version rather than the current experimental – which means yes, probably, the old school was outrageous with the number of child zombie spawns – to the point that I would never choose that as a starting location. I viewed it as similar to the hospital or mall – there’s upside to starting there, but for a baby character it was almost impossible to navigate.

Sounds like I may need to try a school start sometime soon. Last time I did one it was absolute hell in that building ^^;;

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well yes, I am operating from the “stable” version so technically it is an older version