Elementary Schools?

How about adding schools as a rare building for towns? It seems kind of odd that there isn’t be any around. There are already professions where you start out as a gym teacher, football player, so on, which makes it seem odder to me.

It could be a large building with a football field nearby (with a sports equipment locker), where inside there would be classrooms with books and various misc items, a cafeteria with a large amount of food, a nurses office for medical supplies. There could even be smaller rooms such as a janitor’s closet with mops and chemicals, or a teacher’s lounge. The danger from exploring the building would come from the large crowds of zombie children, along with the regular spawn pool.

It seems like it could be an interest place to explore once you can deal with hordes of enemies, and would spice up the general town by making it seem more natural looking. I think it would be harder to work in other kinds of higher education schools just because there isn’t really a default enemy that would work theme-wise for the area. Not as well as the zombie kids at least!

There actually are! Kid schools, basically. They are nto as big as they should be IMO, but they are pretty good!

There are even labs and things!

feel like there should be a Gym with a storage room full of balls, bats, football amour, etc.

Also should be a nurses office and possibly a single dead cop in the school. even my elementary school out in the Virginian boonies had a cop in the main office all day every day.

There are regional schools!