What is this thing?

This thingamajig right here:

I found this perfectly X-shaped water formation in the middle of a street. It looks disturbingly intentional. Anyone have any idea what it is? Perhaps a coincidence? Or maybe a trap. Maybe there’s something hidden underneath it. I’m afraid to get close to The X, but I feel the need to be near it. Occasionally, I sacrifice 9mm bullets to it just in case it doesn’t get displeased with me. Can anyone shed light on this mysterious X?

I believe it’s supposed to symbolize a fountain, like one of those in a city park or something.

Yep its a fountain, the game will sometimes generate special “roads” to symbolize plazas when several streets meet, theres also a variation with a small park and benches I think, and a different fontain.

Oh, wow, I shoulda guessed that. Good god I feel so stupid now. Please forgive me folks, I live in a desert environment where we don’t have fountains.