New building; "Dog Park"

[i]You’re wandering through the city, looting, pillaging and stomping on any Zed unlucky enough to cross your path. You had a lucky find when looting a ZCop earlier and claimed his trusty service pistol, though you have yet to need it as anything other than a back scratcher(with the safety on obviously). you round a corner and spot a chain link fence. You decide to hop the fence and ‘Splore’ some more before heading back to that cozy Cabin in the Woods you found earlier. You start walking across the large fenced in field before you realize that something is amiss.


Oh crap. You walked into a Zombie Dog Park; Better save a bullet for yourself…[/i]

In all seriousness though, I feel like the Zdog park would be a ‘FUN’ addition to the cities.


I’m pretty sure it’s in already.

It’s not, I believe. Cataclysm++ probably has them.

I’ve never used ++. What I saw was one of those chain link fence “parks”, only with dog zombies inside instead of children zombies, and some bins with plastic bags.

I’m in no condition to verify/disprove that yet. Taking your word for it, as I’ve never encountered a location such as the one you describe.

I just found one by debug teleporting around an old save:

They are quite rare. The save must have about 100 park tiles between all the cities but I’ve only seen 2 of these. And they are only labeled as “park” instead of specifically dog park. One of the signs says “doggy minefield”, pretty hilarious.

That sounds more stupid than hilarious.