Ye olde mythical weaponry?

I’ve recently come across something that’s a bit of a uh, myth, among the forums and the wiki, I don’t know what it does but it’s apparently insanely powerful.

I made a new character, and did some standard looting for the first two days, and then decided that hey, there was a cave below me that I should go and check out.

I checked it out, and it seemed fairly empty, but in one corner there was some… Strange formations that I decided to check out, turns out, it opened into a massive cavern. I explored some of said cavern, and found a bunch of piles of food and jackhammers, which was insanely useful, but I figured there must be more to what I see here, so I kept exploring.

This is about when things started to become a little off, I found this one little thing.

Well, it sure didn’t LOOK any different from any other jackhammer, although it does a large amount of bashing damage, and I have some melee and bashing skill, but is there more here than meets the eye?

So I guess I’ll either get an answer, or the forum police will bash my door down and confiscate it.

French jackhammer. Joke Item.

Je ne sais pas.

C’est la version plus sexy d’un marteau-piqueur.