What is the one thing you would LOVE to see added to this game?

For me it would be music and sound fact is i can’t help but feel i would find this game tons more fun if i had some good music and sounds like in dwarf fortress soundsense.

I know some people don’t like sounds so i would like to just see it as a option :slight_smile:

Sound, more or les like the one in X@COM, it was so inmersive and awesome.

And Doom’s Imps. Oh please.
At last i could totally make a mod for them. No fireballs for now sadly. I can make the cyberdemon though!

The distinction between focused actions and non-focused actions, and the ability to add a second non-focused action to do at the same time as another non-focused action. For instance, cooking. A lot of cooking recipes are distinctly non-focused activities. Boiling noodles takes such a small amount of attention that you could easily prepare a second dish while making them. A tier system of crafting would suit me fine, where crafting tasks could be either low-focus, mid-focus, or high-focus dependent. Low-focus would allow you to add a mid-focus tasks, or two more low-focus tasks, provided that you don’t have to move from your location to accomplish them and that you have enough materials to accomplish them all (you’d need two pots, for instance, if you wanted to cook two batches of noodles). As someone who is a major multi-tasker, I get frustrated mostly with the amount of time my character spends essentially watching water boil.

I know you asked for one, but this is related. I’d like the ability to boil larger quantities of water at a time. Perhaps instead of making clean water through the crafting interface, we could fill the pot with water, and then use the filled pot in a recipe. The clean water could then be unloaded as available. Kind of like what’s been done with the charcoal kiln.

Randomly generated STRUCTURES, not “random” map with randomly placed PRESETS of buildings. Nearly any building must be unique.

Yesss. It would be a mess, but ohh yessss

Sound/Music would be nice, different sound clips for the different guns and various other effect clips plus music, maybe no music unless you have MP3 Player or Radio Turned on, would be cool to have a folder to listen to your own music with the MP3 Player.

Sound support is in the SDL versions, just needs you to grab the files and/or change/add the JSON entries to sound files you have.

How to make it to sound after specific actions?

Scaling difficulty settings, to make game start mostly with regular zeds and end as a Hulktown.

How to make it to sound after specific actions?[/quote]

Not yet implement AFAIK. :frowning:

I’ve said it before, but a harmonica. Just a misc wearable item, and if you (a)ctivate it you play a sweet harmonica solo, making a lot of sound (about 10) for a turn. I’d wear ten.

Some more variation and expansion on labs, I always found them rather generic and though the underground is vast, compared to military structures; which have bunkers, outposts, camps, bases, and roadblocks, I just find it lacking. A sprawling aboveground farm for GM crops turned triffids, robotics labs, small outposts that were working to fight the mycal infection now overrun, I just feel they need some more love.

I love the sound of this idea here is to hoping it happens sometime along the line :slight_smile:

As long as it’s a option in my experience Scaling difficulty can sometimes go really bad in games like in oblivion…god yeah we got mods but without one will you most likely know what i mean :slight_smile:

it just came to me, screw sound, i’d love a multiplayer with us teaming up and kicking butt!

Yesss. It would be a mess, but ohh yessss[/quote]

I would like me a worldgen that works more complex too.

New England map, then going into regions, spacing out cities, mapping cities.

second upgrade i would like to see biomes of the world (specially tropical setting, spoiled milk and fly infested bodies everywhere), and islands and ships.

and multi-store buildings.

lota work but worth it imho

Expand on the necromancy system. Eg. make available the option to harvest unique organs from nether creatures and use them to make potent tools through blasphemous sciences, etc.

I really want to see a more in depth injury system. Maybe not quite Dwarf Fortress tier but something to where I can lose an eye or break a zombies leg off and use it in a fight.

You start an action and its completion takes time.

To check for when the action has finished is expensive. So you will be given the job of guessing the time for when the Example you provide has been successfully completed.

Implementation-wise I would suggest you need one set of the kitchen items of pots, pans and hotplate, and available the tools for chopping and stuff.
Mixers can be cluttered up with the mixing you did before and might require cleaning with tap water.

Water should be made to boil in the quantity the cooking vessel has. So little for the frying pan (1,5 l max) and up to 4 l with a pot. Game will ask you how much to cook.
You have to know the safe limit for your utensil (if necessary learn from basic kitchen book).

Insane values wont work (“This is way to much water” or “You cannot fill that much water in there to boil”.

Repeated attempts you can let them spill it over the hotplate so they will stop.

What you can do here instead of waiting for the water to boil (for if you keep looking when its done, you might catch a flying cinder in the eye or some other bad thing might happen to discourage you from using up that processing time) install a whistle on the pot. But be careful to take it off fast, for the zombies might also be attracted to this sound :D[/quote]

Like i said, sufficient quantities of pots and kitchen utensils that get filled in the process.
Can be scaled up though, if you oughta cook for 100 NPCs you can still find the canteen with 15 l pots and cook stew for everyone (even from their meat of the other 100 NPCs :D).

Yea we should get those machines who can make 40 liters of clean water per hour from the air moisture. And allow scaling of operation for boiling water.

But we cant stroll to far from the tasks of single handedly handling our survival. If we forget the fire on the stove the place doesnt catch fire but food will be fudge instead of noodles.

Have yet to try charcoal kiln, brick maker and concrete mixer… But they all seem rather recent additions, I guess to support crafting walls and stuff.

If I could see any one thing in the game?

…well it’s not so much one thing as a bunch of things but having the Bionics route turn into a sort of mechanized version of Mutation would be pretty nice. Currently you can mishmash the two together and it…eh. Idk, I guess it works out but I feel like you could do a lot more with the CBM thing going on.

Something like having different categories of augments you can pursue instead of having one giant pool of things you can just pick and choose from - or randomized augments, from shady under-the-counter folk that must have existed to appease the cyberjunkies addicted to upgrading their inferior outer shells. Unlabeled and maybe dangerous self-inserting implants that work somewhat like the mutations: easy to use and somewhat cheap, but risky in that it’s currently like throwing darts at a board. If you fuck it up, hope you have some purifier and pray that it doesn’t wipe that one trait you really like. Then there are the specialized categories that narrow the pool down - the specific types of mutations and the individual CBM’s. Cheap and low-skill and somewhat dangerous, or specialized and takes some know-how to make or find.

I feel like they could both be…flavored a little more. Just a bit. Given a bit more individuality. Know what I mean?