What is the oddest things you've run into while playing?

–The Great Raccoon Army! A little 3X3 forest spontaneously keeps spawning crap tons of overly aggressive raccoons. I never have to worry about them attacking me however, because for some reason a Giant Royal Bee (probably from the ascension mod) patrols the northern and eastern border of the village I’m taking refuge in. Whenever it crosses near the eastern edge, it utterly destroys minions of the Great Raccoon Army! Also, when I first met the Giant Royal Bee, it was busy annihilating a large horde of zombies, and a valiant and brave pig then distracted the beastly bee so that I could pulp and butcher the zombies before bee returned. I will honor that pig, as I have honored no other, and when so possible, it will be given an honorable grave!
–Seriously, I’ve never seen anything as weird as those 5-10 minutes of ingame time ever. I’ve certainly not experienced a massive amount of stuff in the game or anything, but I’ve played several hours still, and nothing as odd as that has ever transpired.
–Now, let us find out if any of you can defeat my tale.


Wow, the Great Raccoon Army just took down an uninjured moose! What sorcery is this? A giant horde of raccoons just mauled a moose who wandered too close to their territory, if only I had recorded proof of these shenanigans! Sadly, OBS doesn’t like to work, so the endeavors of the Great Raccoons Army will forever be conveyed only by words. This is just getting more and more absurd.

In the future, use Printscreen. It’s how I record all of my stuff.

Weirdest thing I’ve ever encountered was a zombie wearing a bondage mask. Not weird in and of itself, except I killed the zombie at a school…

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A Vibrator well it was odd considering cdda is a survival game. And it was odd since i was a male character and decided to uh activate it.

Speaking of vibrators, I definitely laughed when I activated it and my little moodle in the corner of the screen instantly became a smiley face.

Oddest thing I’ve found was clearing out a school and finding that an absurd number of zombie children carried baggies of crack and the like. I realize that’s probably pretty tame for most players, but I don’t have that much time under my belt.

Rough neighborhood, probably.

Well, I don’t know about weird things, but I just laugh every time I see that smug face outrunning every possible danger with little to no effort. God I love this sprite.


Sort of weird was to find a Bondage Suit in a church. And also this:

(He safely ran to my ride ignoring water and bridge guardrails. Probably a bug.)

All the cool religions incorporate gimp suits into their services.

One of my oddest occurrences was when my Mom showed up and tried to kill me .

I didn’t screenshot any of them, but I once saw a dandelion growing on the same square as a tree, and a datura plant growing in a square of the lava that indicates underground rifts. The apocalypse certainly made some sturdy plants.

Just like redxlaser, I’ve also seen some fierce raccoons. One of them took down a full health giant wolf spider, without taking a single scratch itself.

Also, like TheMurderUnicorn, I once found a trenchcoat and a bag of crack on a Zombie Child.

Once, some time ago, I noticed a disproportionately high number of X-Acto Knives dropping from Crawling Zombies. I remember thinking, “Well, now I know how they got that way.”

Aside from those, nothing terribly interesting, though.

@vormithrax probably a hallucination, there a several possibilities for what could have caused it, including at least one of the nether creatures, and mental imbalance

Just how addicted to alcohol is your character, Vormithrax?

Just one of the many fun things you see when you take the Schizophrenic trait and get to experience hallucinations.


I remember the first time I got attacked by Shia labeouf. Just ran out the forest and mauled me.

Latest from The Alchemist’s village news:
Today, another Giant Royal Bee was spotted nearby the northern entrance of the village. This beastly creature posed as a threat to our young hero, but he managed to not be see by it. Witnesses say that the second Giant Royal Bee has destroyed another horde of undead intending to siege our quaint little town, but the strangely righteous bee saved us from certain disaster.
This has been The Alchemist’s village news, signing off once more

Just stumbled on this. Consoles are way too OP

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