What is the deal with Grackens?

They are described as being fast, agile and competent at fighting with very high morale but also afraid of being hurt? I’ve never seen one fight but they frequently spawn in near the corpses of civilians and when attacked by either me or monsters they run 100% of the time and avoid combat at all cost.

So are they competent fighters with high morale or cowards who use their agility to flee? Why do they spawn in near civilian corpses to imply they were involved in slaying them but run from the comparatively slow and weak zombies, including laughably easy monsters like crawling zombies?

These guys have a high melee and dodge skill they should make you think twice about bopping them for their butchery goodies. I mean look at their description

This is some form of eldritch monstrosity; an uncouth black being with smooth, oily, skin and unpleasant horns that curve inward toward each other. Tall and thin, the shadows cling unnaturally to its vaguely defined humanoid form as it shuffles along, its hands twitching and spasming so rapidly as to appear a little more than a black blur of claws. Gazing upon its disturbing form fills you with an unspeakable terror.

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Curious about that too. I think at one point they did defend themselves wayyy back, dunno why that changed.

The description is misleading, and an old friend of mine fought hard to get it reverted but didn’t find any luck. They’re harmless. Last I checked, it was referencing a Korean player named Gracke of a game I can’t remember, who had very high APM (referencing why its hands were twitchy.)


Thanks for the info both of you. I’d personally like to see Grackens live up to their descriptions and make the player seriously regret messing with them. Maybe I’ll open up a suggestion on the Git sometime.


They do spawn near the corpse map specials.

Honestly, it’s the only place I ever see Migos and Grackens, near those corpses. I mean, obviously they’re setup to possibly spawn there, I just don’t know what the logic behind it is.

I suppose they are the part of corpse map specials. Grackens, Mi-Gos, and Amoebic Molds.
Looks cool, actually.

By the way, where did you get that nickname? ‘Llama mama’ was one of my favourite phrases with no meaning for filling empty spaces back then.

Pretty much the same place. MamaLlama LlamaMama Llamamamamalamlalm, just rolls of the tongue so pleasantly :rofl:

they grack, you know

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Yeah, the Wiki mentions no-one can’t really trace a good reference back to the game, just sorta was there one day I guess…

I used to think that if they approached you they could actually take out items from your inventory that you would basically just lose forever, as of the old game I used to play (Late Oct. 2018) I actually lost a toolbox near one of them and just couldn’t wrap my head around it…