Nether monster don't attack me

So i’ve stumbled upon a gracken and an eyball, and bashed both to death with a fire extinguisher without them trying to retaliate. The eyeball tried to flee being nearly dead and that’s it, no hostile retaliation.

You killed something that wasn’t even hostile towards you? You fiend!!!

Yeah man it sounds like you’re just kind of a dick.


Last night I scourged a bit in Angband, and Smeagol was there. He stole the arrows I shot at him, and just slipped his hand in my wallet when it came to melee. Didn’t see him since.
So now I suspect him teaming up with gracken and that flaming eye of yours; this time he’ll threaten first, I bet. Damn you, Lomaster.

Well, what can i say, i love Cataclysm community.