Way too many scientists in 0.A?

In my current world it seems that zombie scientists and dead scientist piles are in about a quarter of the empty maptiles, which is presumably not supposed to be the case

running curses stable on a mac.

It seems they’ve been severely buffed too. With high stats and decent armor and a pipe I tried to take on two as they crossed a pile of sharp metal wreckage. All attributes were at 12, throwing 2, melee 4, and dodge 2, kevlar armor and army helmet, a good about of thrown items before melee, it was an utter defeat. A terrible defeat just 40 or so squares from the shelter, and I thought I had a pretty good tactical advantage too.

Maybe you enjoy a game where you are steamrolled as soon as you leave the shelter, but not me. I had a few good runs at 0.9. 0.A makes me want to give up before I start.

Well, in latest experimental builds I see hordes of Mi-Go, thats just crazy.

That was me. You may also see gracken (generally non-hostile), krecks (hostile but comparatively weak), and amoebic molds (meh) about.

I put Nether critters around corpses for two reasons:

  1. To help answer the constant speculation about why the corpses are there. Maybe the Denizens killed 'em, maybe they’re just curious.

  2. In the case of the mi-go and (lesser extent) krecks, to put something that’s a decent challenge in the vicinity. Folks loved to complain about how corpses were Free Loot and Needed Nerfed, even after I’d made 'em have a chance to feature special zombies. Judging by this and other posts, they are adequately nerfed now. I guess I didn’t need to add flying polyps to the spawn list.

More generally, mapgen is random. Map “extras” like corpses are fairly rare. Within map extras, corpses are fairly commonplace. I don’t know if something got changed in translation to the Mac, and without seeing the character I can’t tell if there was some sort of miscalculation.

I don’t enjoy being steamrolled as I leave the shelter, though.