So I just encountered a gracken for the first time and laughed out loud when I saw the description. This must be a subtle reference to Greg “Idra” Fields, the Starcraft player. He was errantly called “Grack” instead of Greg by a famous Korean Starcraft player. The nickname stuck (ref:

I looked for comments on this little trivia in the source code and in the forums, but found nothing. Anyway, I just wanted to let the creator of this little monster know that the reference was appreciated and enjoyed and let the rest of the community in on this nice little inside joke.

Release the Gracken!

Oh gods, after reading the description of the Gracken I think it is. +1 for obscure references! So… Where are these guys found? Never seen 'em before.

Edit: And I just found Grack cocaine, that does this: You smoke some Grack Cocaine. Time seems to stop.

is this a new area in the game? Was it just added to an experimental release? Im on one of the .71 dailies from a couple of weeks ago and have not seen it.

I remember The Darkling Wolf adding the Gracken and Grack Cocaine when DDA was just a mod for the original Cataclysm. He claimed it was not meant to be a serious monster/item