What is the 'best' tile set?

DeadPeople’s. Most comprehensive, including tiles for many modded items.

You know what, I’ve been using RetroDays for ever so long, I think I’m going to go change it up Ultica, maybe try some other later.

EDIT: Ultica looks real nice for the most part, but it seems to be missing several sprites though, so that’s disappointing. And a couple of them are really weird looking.
Where do I actually find some of the ones you guys have mentioned? They aren’t in the game’s list of tilesets.

MSX++UndeadPeopleEdition is a version of DeadPeople that had to be taken out of the game due to some of the sprites being made from other creators without their permission.

The guy that was maintaining it refused to remove the assets, so they could no longer package it together with the game. It used to be still updated here on discourse and you can find it with a simple search of the title (MSX++UndeadPeopleEdition) but due to drama and the guy that was updating to keep up with mods being banned off discourse, you might have to use THE GOOGLE to find the most up to date version in the coming weeks.

The most recent update on discourse should still work for the most part, but I would just make the jump to Ult now and wait out however long it takes for it to be complete.

“You can’t do this”
“I don’t care.”
get’s banned

I might go ahead and do that, but I’m not sure. I don’t really want to get something that has plagiarism (is that the right phrasing here?) out of a matter of principle.

Hye, I never said he was in the right, or that it was good/interesting drama. Just people doing people things. Might even say it was…undead people doing undead people things.

Bad pun, yes, I apologize.

I get you. Buuuuut considering neither cdda nor the tileset was actually making money or using people’s art in a negative way i.e hatespeech, rascism, crime, etc., I don’t think you should pass on it just for that. It was really removed for the sake of Just In Case, and it was unlikely to spark trouble in any way to begin with. At least as far as I know.

To be honest, I think no one even knew what it was specifically. Someone might know now, but I sure don’t.


He was using art assets taken from a Minecraft mod with a license that specifically, precisely, explicitly said that you could not use them for anything other than Minecraft mods without written permission of the original creator. It’s morally wrong to steal someone else’s work that way, and there’s every reason to believe that we would have gotten a takedown notice if the original artist was aware of the way we were infringing.

Edit: In his defense, he didn’t take those assets, he inherited them from Chesthole (I think) or possibly the tileset that Chesthole is descended from. However, when it was pointed out that he had those assets in his tilesets - and I explicitly asked him about this on Discord - he said he would not take the time to remove them. Which doesn’t really change the risk the rest of the project was being exposed to.


I have once used another person’s art before, but that was simply as a base for my own. In the end it was far from the original source, being it’s own separate thing.
That is okay to do, what this guy did/does most certainly is not.

And that is why I never usually concretely claim anything. I was not aware of all the specifics, and now I am aware. Thank you.

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Wait, I just realized that it was I, that made this thread. Totally forgot about that, after all I did post this originally on January 18th of 2018.

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could someone give me the link to the utilica tileset github?, i cant find it using the search on the forum


Its U l t i c a
Perhaps thats why you dont found it.
Edit: Also: No disrespect intended.
Sorry my english.

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this gave me a lol moment, and the best part, is that “utilica” shows this thread on the search result, so still a good win for me.
Thx for the link

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ASCII. Weirdly enough I can’t for the life of me play things like dwarf fortress without a tileset, but with CDDA anything that isn’t ASCII just looks wrong. I prefer the imagination of the zombies, and i’m used to the color-coded cues versus the small icons.

Also it makes the vehicles a lot more immersive imo, instead of having like a red truck it actually “shows” your armor plating in ASCII.

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