What is power armor anyway?


Well, in Fallout: New Vegas the NCR had kicked The Brotherhood of Steel from the Helios One solar power plant and had gathered some power armours as tropheys. Since the NCR had no means of teaching their soldiers the Power Armour Training, they’ve simply stripped off the electric parts from the armour so that it could be worn like a shell. This resulted in the loss of +2 STR bonus from the armour, but the -2 AGL stat present in the original T-45d PA remained, some minor Damage Treshold reduction (22->20 for the bodysuit; 5->4 for the helmet) and minor weight reduction.
So it’s not really immobile unless powered. At least, the Brotherhood armour designs. Gameplaywise, you’re still able to run around like crazy in it. It’s not that realistic, but anyway…

Just couldn’t not post that. Anyway, the link doesn’t work fore me, somehow. And the doctrines… Well, it’s not really about soldiers themselves, since a human’s ability to haul gear is kinda low, but about vehicles and stuff. Point is, the weapons have surpassed reasonable armour long ago, so it’s generally better to avoid being hit with shells/rockets/missiles as a whole, and that requires some mobility/agility and some of the weight freed from removing or not adding armour is used to mount various defensive gear like anti-missile MGs or cannons, infrared floodlights and stuff.

Hm. Yeah, I’ve been talking about tactical mobility. Not about agile movements like doing somersaults or hitting bad guys like a movie ninja.

Anyway, here’s another media piece just for the topic. No propaganda.

Well, dust could also be lying on the ground, and then one day the heavy boots just step on it, and…


A customization system for power armor where you can add different features like enhanced vision/radiation/electrical resistance/filters/etc. would be awesome.


That’s what my Armor Up! was going to look at, a set of wearable PA upgrades for stat boosts, extra protection, even one that shoots fireballs.


If you’re going to ignore everything I say except for irrelevant details there’s no reason to have a discussion.


I’m not exactly ignoring things people say. It’s just that I see that the matter is settled and I have nothing more to add, which means that I either agree with one’s arguments, or that it is the matter of opinions (like different concepts of the PA designs: servos/forcefields, for instance).


I really like the idea of modular power armor as well, or maybe a way to have CBM type items installed and add power drain to the armor. So you could have a utility load out, but then switch to offense by swapping out parts (cbm swapping sounds painful/deadly).

May be irrelevant now but NCR salvaged power armor isn’t actually power armor anymore. They stripped the joint servos out of it so it’s futuristic heavy plate armor In reality.

Another thing to think about is the size, even of it was perfect didn’t hinder my agility, trying to get a fat armored finger in a trigger guard would be a challenge (starcraft 2 marines use special rifles specifically because their armored hands can’t use regular ones). Stuff like that is why some encumbrance would be on it I assume.


Any chance folks would care to implement Stalker Sunrise and SEVA suits to the game?(assuming we don’t already have them)


The SEVA suit is effectively an ANBC suit with a funny name and maybe some special anomalies in it, but functionally the same. Sunrise suit is basically an AEP suit, although that might be generous to the Sunrise suit.
ANBC and AEP suits are already ingame and functional.


The Rivtech armour, as the description reads, is a non-rigid armour, fully relying on the projected forcefield

It’s reactive armor, not a force field; it stiffens in response to blows.

Any chance folks would care to implement Stalker Sunrise and SEVA suits to the game?(assuming we don’t already have them)

That would be the current Survivor suits.


A miserable little pile of superalloy.


Intriguing. The names should be changed then. I mod Stalker content. I had no idea that we had this stuff already. Would be great to see the suit names =)


You misunderstand. The C:DDA ANBC and AEP suits are based on real-world equipment, NBC (Nuclear Biological Chemical) and EP (Environmental Protection) suits. The A stands for Armored, as they both have kevlar reinforcement, which IRL would probably just be an overlay on an existing suit. The STALKER suits appear to be based on the same equipment, but it’s fairly common and hardly a unique idea. Just a suit that protects against nasties.

IF you added the Sunrise/SEVA suit to Cataclysm you would have a hard time differentiating it from the existing AEP/ANBC suits, since they fulfill the same purpose. You could just rename them though if you were planning a STALKER content mod.


Nah. No mod. Just tired and was thinking if the names were changed to stalker names. I think more people would know what they were. Same suits though. If not. Thanks for the info anyway. =)