Heavy Power Armor

Ok so because of my newbism I started at LMOE Shelter, and found a science technician and kreck fighting eachother, kreck took care of the technician, i took care of the krecks, after hauling everything to the shelter, I developed an itch to explore more, but given the fact that I can train before I go out, would it be safe to just throw on my power armor, take my revolver and sniper rifle, some ammo, kits, and go search for a road… or should I just wait…

bonus point if anyone knows how to increase storage volume while wearing power armor.

PA is useless without a UPS, also you can use a Power Armor Hauling Frame to get more storage space.

Power armor hauling frame gives you I think 120 storage. Early game I stash it somewhere and note it on the map, then go back for it later when I have a UPS/CBMS/a vehicle. It’s too heavy to haul around and early game you need storage, not armor

And yes, power armor can be worn without being powered, it’s just much more encumbering, doesn’t protect against the environment, etc.