What in the hell did I just read on the Wiki


Lol wut.

The only thing missing there are a bunch of unicorns.

Writer on drugs.

Nah, that’s gtaguy. I don’t think he’d need drugs to pull that off.

ACSL was a mob that ran around in the woods for a while back in the Time Before Version Numbers. Sort of a cross between a perma-hostile NPC and a highly dangerous zed. Problem was that a) for a while his inventory/dropfile wasn’t defined, so killing him crashed the game; b) for a while there were lots and lots of him running around the woods.

He’s basically the forerunner of the current Jabberwock, albeit IMO much more reasonable.


It’s a song originally.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an appropriate place to reference it though.

That’s a gtaguy original! Sorry, I had to be first. Does he still spawn? If not he needs re-added.

That would be the best easter egg.

Last I saw him was in March when I headshotted him with a .45…