The Green Goo Scenario

So, lately, I’ve been farming a few favorite places for ideas that would translate well into Cataclysm. Rewatching old movies, like Jurassic Park, turned into the dinosaur thing I’ve been rambling about non-stop on here for the last few days. Going through old RPG books has given me some decent ideas for traits and mechanics.

And reading through one of my favorite databases reminded me of THIS.

Now, I haven’t gotten all the lore down yet, but what I know about the zombie thing is this: It’s some kind of green goo virus thing that spread through the water supply, infected everyone, and only actually activates once you’re dead. It’s triggered by dead bodies. So I have to ask, did I just hit the source of our lore, or is this a really weird coincidence?

If it’s the former, can I harvest zombie goo to work as water purifier?

I think that was the main “plot”: A virus infected the water and everyone who died is now walking again. The labs have information about that, I think?
Sadly I think they are trying to change that to the normal “get bitten youre a zambie now” zombie apocalipse.

Talking about green goo, I found a green goo canister (2) in a acid zone. Its strange because when I used it the zone got covered in plants and trees. Cool stuff, if you ask me and my new house with trees

No, no. I remember Glyph talking about how they’re going to tie in the green goo thing with zombie regeneration and reanimation as a game mechanic. I don’t think that’s gonna change. Hope not, anyway.

Yeah, where did you get the idea we were turning it into a standard zombie apocalypse?

Yea the whole new bite mechanic isn’t zombie infection, that is just a more normal run of the mill infection.

Human bites from a living human have risk of getting infected, let alone one that’s been dead for an indeterminate amount of time.

Alright alright, my fault. Thanks god we are not turning into a simple and boring zombie plot…