Stop whatever you're doing, go out in the woods and eat a mushroom

If you haven’t had the joy of a mushroom trip in C-DDA give it a try! I can’t believe how great the way that trip was handled. I stabbed a hallucinatory Shia LeBoufe. I had to separate fact from fiction deciding that the shocker zombie that had followed me was, in fact, a real monster. I became convinced that my wounds were infected. I got advanced infection messages telling me that I was dying. It was boss. Well done!

also build 1160 console works great, tiles… not so much

The hallucination system is great but if you’re in an area you’ve previously secured you know for a fact you are in absolutely no danger and it kills it.

And then the Zombie Horde[sup]tm[/sup] come along.

I have been attacked by actual sludge clrawlers and Jabberwocks while hallucinating.

There should definitively be an achievement for that. Something like: Ohh fuck! its real!