Remember the "Stange building" thread? Well guess what

I have some great spoilers! Remember the “Stange building” thread? I found it again guided by a mission, but that’s not all, this time I played it with Classic Zombies off and it was crazy. I’ll post screenshots and all if you want. Are there any rules about spoiling?

Just mark the OP title with a [SPOILERS] and it should be fine. And yes, screenshots would be cool to see.

all hail acadia, makes freaking great stuff.

So here it is

So this NPC gives me a mission to get a relic and then look for some Priest’s diary and then he starts talking about an evil cult so he sends me to the cult cabin I once found.
Now the cult cabin was ridiculously far way in the middle of a random forest so I teleported.

[spoiler]If you read the post where I talk about the building you will know it has a secret path to a basement, but this time it was a little difference (last time it didn’t had like ten fucking DEMENTIA trying to destroy me)

Anyways I over mutated myself so I could kill them all and continued walking to find something quite disturbing:

The rest was kinda boring (more freaking Dementias) so I did the rational thing, you know, what every human being with common sense would have done:

Now because I teleported I lost the NPC that gave me the mission Actually I found her and her head exploded… so yeah, I don’t know the full story but I hope someone’s able to do it.

What a great game this is…

The head exploding in this case was part of the mission, and not a debug measure, correct? ;p

I’m not shure Shoes, I had recently used the kill NPC command so I don’t know what to think.

Shoes is joking, but it would be pretty funny to work in an effect where the NPC head explosion thing actually happens in the context of the game.

The kill npcs debug thing marks the NPC for death, they explode on their next action, so it was likely that.