What if we had a Dark Souls mod?

Think upon it momentarily, what if?

I did and got nothing. Care to share some ideas?

A game set in the Dark Souls universe, complete with (almost) everything from aforementioned games, such as structures, bosses, classes, items, etc. Difficulty included.
Of course, permanent death and the usage of a map (in the case of the original) may be added.


Oh you mean the setting. Interesting. I was thinking gameplay mechanics, which is why I came up blank.
I never beat Dark Souls (got bored), nor played the second or third, but the environments and enemy design were pretty good.

Yeah… What about it?

If one were to construct a Dark Souls modification, they may wish to mimic how Dark Souls uses its combat system, and use that for Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead.