What IDE do you use to code Cataclysm?

I’m looking for one to stick with, I hear VS is pretty great, but I’m running Windows 7 still. Not to mention I think netbeans and eclipse have git support.

I’m curious about your opinions.

WinXP. Code::Blocks for compiling and Notepad++ to code. I’m weird that way.

I’m on Windows 7. Normally I use Notepad++ to code in, then move things over and use Cygwin for compilation, running, and debugging.

Edit: Forgot to mention I use Github for Windows/Git shell for all the github related stuff.

I think unity spoiled me, Notepad++ doesn’t have the autocomplete function. Isn’t Code::Blocks an IDE as well?

It is. But I’m used to opening things in N++, and it has a much larger editing window. (And being able to clone a file to multiple panes has its moments.)

Notepad++ has autocompletion, it’s just not turned on by default. It’s somewhere in the preferences, IIRC. (It’s also a file-by-file autocompletion, so it’s not quite at the level of the ones that will autocomplete function names from other files and whatnot).

I have to admit VS is a pretty great IDE, but I personally don’t want an IDE, they tend to be extremely opinionated about how your workflow is supposed to be set up. Sometimes that’s a good thing, sometimes it just gets in the way. I keep meaning to try out lighttable, but never get around to it.

I use emacs for editing and make for building. Sprinkle around bits of command line stuff like find and grep for some tasks.

One side note is we’ve had issues keeping VS building DDA, now in particular that we’ve adopted c++11, only the very latest version (2013 I think) even has a chance of compiling, and I think building with VS is broken right now, because no one wanted to put in the effort to update it.

Win 7, Notepad++, MinGW and CodeBlocks, Github for Windows/Git command shell.

So slow.
Code::blocks/kate/git gui/meld/terminal/gdb.

This setup.

I am still sad that VS2012 does not work, though.

vim It’s perfect.

When are you using Notepad++ vs CodeBlocks?

When are you using Notepad++ vs CodeBlocks?[/quote]

Can’t speak for Rivet, but I like having a much larger working area in N++. Code::Blocks’ editor is handy for patch & fix when a compile doesn’t go as planned, but it’s not something I’d write a lot of code in.

Notepad++ users, are there any helpful plugins I should install if I want to write code in it?