Github compiling question

I downloaded the latest source from the github page, but when I try to “Build” it says this

“Cataclysm - Release”: The compiler’s setup (GNU GCC Compiler) is invalid, so Code::Blocks cannot find/run the compiler.
Probably the toolchain path within the compiler options is not setup correctly?!
Goto “Settings->Compiler and debugger…->Global compiler settings->GNU GCC Compiler->Toolchain executables” and fix the compiler’s setup.

And I have NO IDEA what the fuck that means

Did you perhaps download the codeblocks version without MinGW?

I don’t know what this means yet but I’m going to find out and get back to you on that haha

If you installed one of the two downloads without “mingw” in the name, that is the cause. So the easiest solution would be to download/install [codeblocks-12.11mingw-setup or codeblocks-12.11mingw-setup_user]