What has changed?

Hey, I decided to get back into CDDA, after five months and wanted to ask, what has changed since then? It was around version 7000

Chickens hatch from eggs now.

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The effective range of ranged weapons more than doubled, so being an crossbowman is viable and being an archer is extremely possible once you have a longbow. With a decent rifle and moderate amounts of skill, you can even target stuff that’s barely within sight range.

Cash Cards now display money correctly ($100.00 is now $100.00) :stuck_out_tongue:

At some point, it stopped being compatible with older Macs.

o_O The only change I’ve cared about all that much is so simple it’s hardly worth mentioning.

Previously, I could start a fire and cook my food, even if the fire went out a few turns later (in darkness). Now, when the fire goes out, crafting is halted (because you can’t cook in the dark). This means I need to put an actual amount of wood on the fire to cook at night.

Small change, totally makes sense, I agree with it’s being implemented – but I effing hate it.

TL:DR - You can’t cook in the dark, even if you start cooking while there’s still light.

Well, wouldn’t the cooking also be halted because there’s no more heat? The fire provides both, in this case. :slight_smile:

I would love the ability to get sense of “how long” a fire will keep burning, to know how much wood to throw on to have it burn all night, etc. Maybe a skill that increases the precision over time (sort of like knowing your health stats).

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Well I specified the light point because previously it would continue cooking, even if your fire went out. Now that it halts the process, I suppose you could interpret it as doing both, though it explicitly references being too dark to craft. I’m curious, if I had light from another source and the fire still went out if it would continue cooking or not.

Either way, you’re right and I do think it’s a good change. I’ve just been conditioned to expect it to succeed and get frustrated every time it doesn’t.

I’m sure someone, somewhere, has a list of burn times for different objects. That would be a handy reference.

–If you keep going just about this fire situation you should probably make a seperate thread for it. Just try not to go off on a tangent and suddenly change the whole thread’s topic. Although I’ll be honest, I’ve participated in doing that myself before (Obviously an accident).
–Anyway. Here’s something: there has been some debate about the (very) new change to knife spears ingame. If you care about it here’s the exact link (although you can find it yourself easily enough): Curious about people’s opinion about the change on the knife spear to FRAGILE_MELEE

It’s a pretty overpowered weapon normally, so I’m for it

I noticed that mutaded roaches start to fill up cleaned out cities. Is that a thing now?