What happened to reddit?

Why is the cdda reddit suddenly private?

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Basically, reddit hired a pedophile (or associate of such) as an admin and a bunch of subreddits went private in protest. There are at least a hundred doing so, and if reddit doesn’t fire this admin it’ll probably stay that way.

Wow, how have I not heard about this, I browse reddit all day everyday :grin:

Yeah, it just happened the other day, and reddit is trying their hardest to cover it up. Reddit is now a big dumpster fire, and we’ll have to wait and see if someone puts it out before it all burns to ash. Might be time to go to 4chan and join the anons.

The subreddit also (currently) links to this site for a longer description & references:

It’s not mentioned anywhere so I’ll add that you can’t read that/click the link on mobile. Mobile reddit kicks you from a sub as soon as you open it if it is private. I had to get on desktop in order to even read the message you get when you try to open the sub.

I can’t make any statements for mobile.
Trying to open the subreddit on desktop currently looks like this:

Yeah, that’s the message I was talking about. Opening it on mobile just says “this subreddit is private” and there’s only a “Go Back” button at the bottom, nothing else.

… Even a better reason to post it here then, in case someone wants to follow the link & gather more info.

Yeah, I just wanted to give a heads up.

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Thanks @Gavin_319 ! This is exactly why I made this post, I couldn’t access the subreddit on mobile. Seems it doesn’t work on desktop either.

Same here. Given that there are a lot of misinformation floating around on all topics it’s always a important step to link the source(s).


The admin in question was fired.

What’s really messed up about it is there are lower tier jobs that shitcan your application if you have so much as a minor 10 year old misdemeanor…

But if you are connected, you can get lay out gigs like being a paid reddit admin even if your and the people you associate with’s name is all over the internet for truly horrible stuff.

And the CDDA subreddit is back up and running. We are good to go. Reddit’s still on a downward spiral though, first tencent and now this.