What exactly does spawn vermin?

I’ve never actually “seen” anything come out of corpses but the streets are starting to have a cockroach problem. I can’t tell if they came from the corpses of all the swarmers I dissected in the streets trying to figure out if there was anything different about the secronom mutants, or were chased out of a house I burned down.
Where and how do carrion feeders appear?

ok you must be on stable as they were disabled in experimental so I know my information is correct, carrion creatures just spawn as things rot. Corpses, butchery refuse, food, etc. They spawn when the area is outside of the reality bubble

I believe the cockroaches I’ve got in 0.E2 stable originate from basement dwelling ones. Once they get out and produce nymphs when killed you’ve got a topside population boom brewing and I’ve never managed to chase down and kill all the nymphs.
As far as I know vermin spawn from refuse was disabled in that game (and I haven’t seen any vermin coming from my refuse pile by the base camp, only in towns).

As I’ve stated in a post in another topic:


Nymphs spawn from these eggs, which then turn into giant cockroaches after 7 days, and…

In short: The corpses don’t actually (at least last I’ve checked) make any difference. It’s the offspring of existing cockroaches.


srsly pls help, quickest and most efficient means of genocide? preferably humanely

Leave the area and never come back…

If that’s not an option:

  • Bird poop is flammable.
  • Grenades are fast.
  • Friendly turrets might help.
  • A fungal outbreak would be fatal (both to the birds as well as to you).
  • Currently there are more cars than (living) people in the world, and they don’t need wipers to keep the windscreen clean.
  • Cheating ( / Debug Menu) has a kill all option or allows you to play “the floor is lava”, but comes with drawbacks (might destroy something you don’t want to have destroyed).

Looks like your baby chick has grown very well…

You’ll need a small mountain of flour and a river of cooking oil but you could be the post-apocalyptic Colonel Sanders. :poultry_leg::yum::poultry_leg:

so far ive been using hoary blast, its quick if nothing else.
the main issue is the lag its causing tbh, I leave for one month to explore and come home to this

Im gonna need fucking therapy

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mercy is for the weak
(the general go-to for a problem is to either run over it with a car or set it on fire. You could also try just nuking the place with insecticide gas grenades, just make sure you have some gas masks on hand)

I don’t think animals (or at least chickens) are affected by fungus, are they? At least spore shrooms are passive creatures far as i’ve seen

Not if you just use the terrain editor to drop in a field of toxic gas.

The “hazy cloud” that some fungaloids emit is quite deadly.
Although to be fair, it’s probably easier to lead back a zombie horde and just let them do the job.

Nope, exactly that case too. Doesn’t matter if you’re placing lava, acid or toxic gas, if your NPC friend decides that it’s a good day to commit suicide, they’re gone.
There’s always a risk when using the map editor, hence the “might destroy something [useful]” warning…

Fair enough, I’m just far enough out from Saturday morning cartoons now that using “destroy” to mean “kill” seems odd. :yum:

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