How does mob reproduction work

So i’ve seen fawns and the like, juvenile versions of entities, mostly normal-ish creatures. Now I know how to set up a cockroach farm but I was wondering about farming other entities. Do they require two or more in the same area for a really long time before more appear, which just requires me to put them in a confined area until the magic happens, or is there some other mechanic behind this like a forest being required to be in your reality bubble before life springs forth from it?

I’d also like to know if the mechanic to spawning new things in areas is just a waiting game that requires specific zones(swamps spawning new giant insects, for example), or if there’s some other mechanic at play.

Each monster type that can reproduce has a reproduction timer and some season flags. When the creature is first loaded into the reality bubble, if reproduction has passed since the last time the creature reproduced and it is the appropriate season, then there is a 50% chance that the creature is female and can reproduce. Females always produce at least one litter if they are eligible for reproduction. If more than 1 reproduction period has passed since the monster was loaded, a female monster has a 1/3 chance of reproducing a second time, a 1/5 the third time, a 1/7 for the fourth time, and so on until the creature has had a chance to reproduce for every possible reproduction cycle.

Lone critters can reproduce. Critter location does not matter. Whether a critter is male or female is randomly determined on each load into the reality bubble, so a given creature might count as female for 1 month and not-female for another month.

It’s a terrible solution, but acidia hacked in the code from the monster upgrade logic and caused the Puppy Apocalypse. I hacked in a couple of bandaids to prevent the puppy apocalypse, but no one has even gone back and made the system make any sense.


Nothing like the good ol´catsplosion or a puppy apocalypse to make people stop messing with reproduction.

that aside, i thought critters like cockroachs could spawn from rotten food?, couldnt it be viablew to make a farm from spoiled food?

Thanks mlangsdorf.

To Ragno,
So far I’ve had trouble having critters spawn from rotting objects. It seems it just attracts hordes. Rude blighters knocking on my metal doors like it’s nobody’s business. I’ve patched this lack of scavengers problem by leading a roach or two into an enclosure before I shut the doors on them.

already existing hordes i suppose (or somethig like the dynamic spawning but instad of sounds is rotting items?)?, i wanted to try it , but i thought it was like " rotten food reached it climax and boom, a cockroach is spwaned" :confused:

Rot spawning was disabled because it was extremely weird, with things like adult wolves spontaneously emerging from cow poop and cockroach farming.

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Does that mean this value in world options no longer has an effect?

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