Anyone have a clue why there is a sudden chick-pocalypse in my world?

I don’t get it, I was going into a nearby town to clear out some zombies and I notice how there’s a bunch of chickens about. I figured it was just some chance it happened like it does for squirrels, cats, etc.
Then, I see another group of chickens. Must just be an unlikely chance.
I walk into a house and there are couple chickens in there. Now that’s really weird.
I end up going to a town that is a little ways away and there are a bunch of chickens there too. Every other building in the town that has any access to the inside (and sometimes not) has at least one chicken in it.
There’s hardly any chicken corpses either, despite the amount of zombies, meaning that they keep avoiding the zombies… probably.
Then I see a couple zombie corpses in the middle of the street, one chicken corpse nearby… and chickens seemingly walking away from that exact spot.
The chickens, they… they’re evolving… I think this is the chick-pocalypse, guys.


That’s because currently, bird eggs ‘rot’ into chicks. I believe the method of hatching chicks will eventually change, but right now, that is how it works. So all those freezers with their rotting bird eggs will eventually disgorge dozens of chicks. Life sure is beautiful, huh?


That is… weird.
Why not just have a piece of furniture or an item that ‘incubates’ the eggs?

The easy reply? Because no one bothered to code that yet. Also, that would completely prevent natural reproduction, without human(player) assistance.

Personally I find it fine. It allows one to easily get chickens / fowl of some kind and makes areas you have cleared of zombies seem to become safe havens for non-infected wildlife. Even if its mostly just chicks.

Hmm, two very good points.
I just hope the chickens don’t turn against me…

I’m so disappointed. I thought you meant the other type of chick…


I’m not sure how to feel about the fact that your first post in 6 years was this

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… He* kept saving his* next post for only the uttermost important thing he* could imagine…

*or she/her. Who am I to judge.

…okay I feel like this is an event that has to go into the CDDA comic I’ve been working on.

Thank you for the inspiration. <3