Help, theres a baby chick thing

theres a baby nugget chick thingy in my house
I dont know what to do, I made some bird food but I dont know if I need to do other things, do I need to give ot water? does it need a bed?

forgot pic


just gonna post cute nuggie pics cause they a cute


I don’t actually know, but trying (a)ctivating the feed next to it. I think it should be fine as long as you keep nasties away from it. Animals afaik are not death prone. There are vehicle parts and even backpacks specifically designed to transport animals, dunno if they work on birds.

Cute nugg.

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Unless it’s been changed since I last played, you can’t tame them until they’re grown, so chase it into a room you’re not using and close the door until it matures.

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sleep tite lil peeper


more nuggie pics (he’s my best lil friend :3)
Feeding him makes him like me and follow me around so I keep him in this spare room with some food (also need to figure out how to give him some water) and I feed him by hand (since he doesnt eat it normally but I leave it there just incase)
a little worried wether or not he’s getting everything he needs, I found some hay earlier and was thinking of giving him some so he can nest (not sure what I could give him to perch on tho since I know they prefer that)

There are indeed animal carriers specifically made for carrying birds. One is the chicken cage.

I dont really need a cage as he’s already safe in his room, its more the food and water im worried about atm

As far as I know and can see, there is no mechanic in the code that would cause a chicken to die of hunger or thirst (unless you play with mods that would cause that).

Food is just used to tame them.
No bed or anything else really required.

Well… depending on your future plans… you might need a heat source and an object with some form of food cooking quality :poultry_leg:

Could also be a good source of yummy gene poison.

Poison or potion? Freudian slip :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ?

Matter of perspective.

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Lord Nuggothie P. Twiddlespoon shall be no source of food, nutrition or biological resource under any circumstance whatsoever.
He provides essential snuggles and cute for when I get in a bad mood from having to eat radioactive veggies.


What, you arent going to use its eggs and/or bird crap?

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eggies just means more nuggie family and wtf do you use birb poop for?
am birdperson btw, for all I know nuggie is my own bubby, he might have hatched when I nested :3

Fertilizer to grow more plants to gain more bird food to gain more friends?


oh I was just gonna raid farms and forage bushes but that would probably save some legwork, good idea :3

update on nugget child, he has grown big and stronk, going to work on getting him some mutagen injections and augmetics so he can stomp zambos and shoot lasers from his gizzard

also first egg, more nugget family :smiley:

Mhm, pancak- uh, yes… more chickens :roll_eyes: .

But is the egg fert? I think you may need some of the elusive “chicken seed”, it’s some sort of rare drop from triffids.

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