How come cockroaches ignore zombies? aren't they carrion creatures?

I can understand why zombies might ignore small insects (even though the cockroaches are the size of a dog) but why the heck are cockroaches so viciously aggressive (the fact they’re classified as “minimal” threat is a lie considering how quick they are, can easily cause bleeding, and always travel in swarms) against breathing humans, but completely ignore zombies? Wouldn’t it make more sense for them to try and eat zombies considering they’re carrion creatures?
Either they should be alot more skittish (like cockroaches in real life, especially when exposed to light) to humans (instead of even more bad tempered than moose), or they should try gnawing on zombies. Its not like they’re smart enough to know they’re poisonous, considering how much other literal crap they’ll try and eat…

• 酸雨腐蚀
• 火焰燃烧
• 工具回收
• 车辆碾压
• 土地埋葬
• 自然分解
• 动物(昆虫)食用…

The in-universe explanation is that insects are somewhere on the “blobby” spectrum, the same way still-living humans can be both ferals and normal survivors. The out-of-universe one is we don’t have a faction relation for “ignore until they attack, then engage/flee”, so reciprocal neutrality is the closest we can get at the moment.
Their aggression is a bit overblown, but that’s an easy adjustment for whenever.

Wasn’t becease zombies will ignore any monster under a certain size limit (this is why you don’t see them attacking birds, rats, fish and small mamals anymore) and the cockroaches just happen to fall in that size range. They seem to attack other insects just fine to.

The reason they ignore each other was - as far as I remember from one pull request - that there was too much fighting going on between all the animals and Zombies in a city, so they were made to ignore each other…

Well, small correction… I found the pull request and spicyshadow was correct:

Also, take a look at this topic, some of the discussion is similar to here:

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I can’t honestly think of what would be “too much infighting” in this game… I’ve seen some pretty messy fights between packs of animals in the woods and zombies

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this may be a bit off topic, but if giant cockroaches were multiplying at the same rate as their smaller brothers in the real world, then I’m sure that in a few years the main danger will not be zombies or mushrooms, but all-consuming swarms of cockroaches. Those cockroaches that we meet in the basement can be either American or brown cockroaches, they multiply quickly, and in truth quickly, but estli to judge by the cockroaches in the game-they are more like Madagascar cockroaches.
madagascar cockroaches are large, have shorter legs, are not super fast and are much less prolific, although these guys are already territorial and protect their offspring, and do not run away in fear when they see you, hence you can take aggression. however, it is precisely the Madagascar cockroaches that do not really like humans as a source of food and at home, they are more fond of forests.

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if you look at the ants, you can understand that the mutation in the cataclysm significantly increases the ability to reproduce, so if this post is read by some bored mod creator, we can get an enemy scarier than a horde of zombies

It seems to do the opposite, the numbers of gaint bugs are much more reduced compared to their smaller counterparts. The number of whasps, bees and ants per colony seems to max out at several dozen to many slightly more than a hunderd for bees and wasps and to several hunderd for gaint ants.

you meet the queen of ants, you will see that she is able to produce dozens of ants in a matter of minutes, bees and wasps do not have queens in the game, of all this trio, only the queen wasps live for 1 year, bees have only apis, a mutant NPC, Astley, judging by the ants-mutation can significantly accelerate the reproduction rate, so it seems strange to me that cockroaches with their good fertility and survival combined with omnivore almost do not reproduce.

I think the lesser ant population would be more to a lack of food and competition rather than the inability to birth many young. It’d also make sense that they could do more work with less colony members.

Even if this is the case, did the cataclysm somehow increase the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere? Or did the blob mutate the insects to have an actual functioning respiratory system like ours in order to facilitate a larger amount of growth?

As far as I understand the blob’s magic compensates for the missing oxygen in giant insects.

I disagree with the statement that cockroaches almost don’t reproduce. Every cockroach killed by my character late in the year (I don’t know when it started, but probably autumn) causes a bunch of nymphs to spray out of the corpse, and there are large amounts of eggs in infested basements.

eggs? I’m playing on a stable version, however, cockroaches only produce dirt, and pregnant cockroaches spawn nymphs

My experience is with 0.E2 stable (sorry I neglected to mention that). I believe I started encountering roach eggs (together with the dirt that’s “always” has been present) before nymphs starting to appear on roach deaths, but I may be misremembering. The eggs are a pain because they can’t be bashed, so to get rid of them I’ve had to collect them and set them on fire (or run them over with a vehicle).
I think you have to have a reason to look at the dirt (because you’re looking for something to loot) to see the eggs, though.

I don’t think the oxygen content in the atmosphere has increased.
In this way, people will have a lot of discomfort symptoms, bronchial asthma and other diseases will be greatly alleviated, which can not be compared with the actual situation in the game.

Supplement:It seems that you and I are not wrong. There are too many opposites in this issue.

Higher amounts of oxygen in the atmosphere would explain a lot of things and shenanigans to be honest.

I tried again, and you were right. there are cockroach eggs, but eggs are an item, they will never hatch. and pregnant cockroaches are not going to reproduce, only if she dies. while the nymphs are not going to grow up. I’m not sure what I wrote, so maybe I’m wrong.

I haven’t observed any roach eggs hatch, so maybe they won’t, and I haven’t played for long enough to be sure nymphs grow up (but I’ve seen more adults above ground when returning to a city where roaches have been coming out of basements than I would expect, which obviously isn’t conclusive).

@Rot : The oxygen level during the time of the giant insects was about 35% vs 21% today, if I remember correctly. While insects grew to impressive sizes (dragonfly wing spans of half a meter, I think), it still was very far from those of the game. Another effect of a much higher oxygen level (apart from oxygen intoxication) would be a lot more intense fires (and greater ease to start them).

Reminds me of Green Worldz (good manga, you should read it) where the vegetation of the world suddenly skyrocketed and the oxygen levels rose massively. Main antagonists are like plant/human mutant hybrids and giant insects.

In any case, I find it more interesting that you could set up a cockroach farm to generate infinite amounts of food for long-term living just by gaming the system with giant cockroach spawns.

Mutant meat form bugs is now poisonous if eaten to much so at most you could suppliment your diet with them. The fat however is perfectly fine to make into biodiesel so they would be a great as a renewable fuel source.