What does the 'universe imploding' mean?

i tried to start mopping up a blood stain, when the notice ‘The universe implodes and reforms around you’ came up. What heck does that mean? Should I be worried? It’s obviously not a bug, why would a bug say that? Is it just some sort of joke? Are there more zombies and stuff now? This is just weird :confused:

It’s a joke. Several other tools print humorous messages when you activate them and select the square you are in.

Ohhhh, kinda like an easter egg I guess. That kinda freaked me out, like when i woke up one day and one of my followers was killed by a wandering zombie. But I guess that isn’t an easter egg…

Try using lockpicks, crowbars, and cameras on yourself as well.

There used to be a message for using G on yourself, as well as trying to set the square you’re in on fire. Not sure if they are still around (haven’t tried either one in a long time).

“You get a hold of yourself.” (Grab yourself)

“You would try to set yourself on fire, but you’re already smoking hot.” (Set yourself on fire)

How do you choose the tile you’re standing on?

Numpad 5, which also allows you to waste a turn (Note holding it down is a quick and easy way to get surprise murdered if you aren’t in a really safe place).

Numpad 5, which also allows you to waste a turn (Note holding it down is a quick and easy way to get surprise murdered if you aren’t in a really safe place).[/quote]

Lol, duh. Thnx.

“Yeah, place the nailboard trap at your feet. Real damn smart move.”

Funnels used to report the same message. I didn’t get it until I tried the same thing with a bear trap, then it suddenly clicked.

Hammer: You try to hit yourself with the hammer, but you can’t touch this
Crowbar: You attempt to pry open your wallet, but alas you are simply too miserly
Hacksaw: Why would you do that? You’re not even chained to a boiler.

I’ve never tried the camera. What does it say?

You decide not to flash yourself.

Also try closing a door on yourself, that one is one of my favorites.

Is that the “There’s some buffoon in the way” one? If it is, I found that one out by accident, although I imagine most did the same for all of these.

I never thought to check the camera though, it honestly never occurred to me that it could actually take pictures (or do anything but supply precious batteries and some mildly useful parts).

Oh, it takes pictures alright. You can’t actually look at them, which is a bit of a downer, but you can at least get a full description of the creature you photographed. The quality of the photo is dependent on distance, and you can make a sort of “hunt” out of trying to get exceptional pictures of every creature in the game. You can also get pictures of NPC’s and I believe the camera has a (very small) random chance to daze a creature when you take a picture of it. That might be another game though…

Cool. I wonder if, at some point in the future, the descriptions of the creatures will start out vague, then get more precise as you take more pictures, or fight more of them. Can the cameras be used with the E-Ink Tablets, somehow? Do the camera pros have some benefits that normal ones don’t? If I remember correctly they both have 200 max battery capacity.

You can transfer pictures from the camera to the tablet, yeah. As for the differences between them, I don’t know. It would be nice if taking photos was fleshed out just a little bit more.