What does the resonance cascade do?

My lab tech character on his first day needed a place to stay the night, his car just broke because of a trap some assholes decided to leave on the road, but nearby I saw a science lab, I quickly used me electrohack and homemade EMP grenades to get inside before night descended and spent the night in the buildings dormatories.
On the second day when I tried to leave my new shelter in search of some much needed food I realized that I had made a horrible mistake, the lab was located right next to a swamp, and the mutant swamp creatures had already picked up on my scent, I quickly ran back inside the lab and locked one of my pursuers behind a metal door, I decided to try and search the lab for some food and water, hoping to stay in the area until the swamp creatures move away from the lab, and slip away quickly, I noticed a stairway to the lower floor and I foolishly went down there, on the lower floor I found a floating eye and a Gozu, which despite my best efforts caught on to me and killed my character.

Then after some time I developed a terminator character that was armed to the teeth, and I sent him down into that lab to see what exactly was going on there, having dispatched the Gozu and floating eye I noticed a strange console, upon accessing it, it gave me several options such as “Toggle Portal” and “Activate Resonance Cascade” I tried using both these options and the only thing that happened was my character became temporarily blinded, and a shimmering portal had opened up which didn’t really seem to do anything even when I stepped into it, what exactly does the resonance cascade do? I looked it up in the wiki and I could only find that it is something you can find in labs, but nothing on what it does.

TL;DR version
I found a resonance cascade terminal, turned it on, it didn’t really do anything, what do?

I know what the resonance cascade did in Half Life, which is why I’m surprised that it didn’t really do anything.

Second, if you played half life 1 your would know. If you haven’t then a Resonance cascade is a portal to another world kind of.

I have no clue what it does in this game, but in half-life the resonance cascade opened up a portal to xen, no clue if it does the same thing with the other dimension with cataclysm.

do eet. go through. see what happens.

From my own experiences, it just blinded your char temporarily. I walked around the lab for hours without anything interesting or Lovecrafitian showing up.

It recombulates the influx of the antiwhatchacallit and reverses the signal of the positive whatheheckisit by juxtaposing the greenred matter generator on the vortex of the Large Sumting Collider by applying the Billy Joe Law of Electrothermohydromagics causing a vertical singularity which self-implodes in a whitehole which sucks all noncookiematter in the area.

TL,DR: You lost the Game.

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In 02Feb, it did nothing: not even a “you initiate the Resonance Cascade” message.

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