Getting portal generator

I’ve searched quite a few labs, and bunkers and whatnot, and have yet to find a portal generator. Am I looking in the right place, and just getting unlucky, or do I have to look somewhere else, or disassemble some particular thing to get them?

I remember finding one in a lab, but I never saw them again after that. I think they are just extremely rare.

I’ve ever heard of a portal generator, how does it work?

A portal generator is an extremely rare hight-tech item thats only use in vanilla C:DDA is summoning unstable portals near your base for fun. However, several mods allow you to craft useful stuff with it. Blazemod lets you use it make infinite power generators/storage space and Arcana lets you split it up to get essence.

I’ve managed to find it ONCE, through all my games.

I believe I found it on a scientist corpse. You know, the places where mi-go’s and other krecks spawn. If you find corpses with lab coats, pray that a portal generator is nearby.