What do Resonance Cascades do?

I’m new to the game and still figuring stuff out, and thanks to some mutation mods I got to spawn in a Lab. I found the finale room and toggled a portal and activated the resonance cascade too.
I haven’t gone through the portal yet, but the resonance cascade didn’t even give a prompt or effect. So I’m a bit confused and worried. Worried about the possibility that I somehow activated a dimensional bomb and I should evac immediately.

Considering the old posts I found here say that it does “nothing and everything”, worries me even more.

Edit: The portal just teleports me around the room? Is that normal?

They do absolutely nothing. It’s a reference to the Half-Life series.

Yes that’s standard behavior for portals. Beware, you can easily telefrag yourself.

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Ok, thank you. Considering the surprises this game held for me, i was worried.
Btw, do you know how long you remain deaf for due to a large barrel bomb?

Deafness due to loud sounds lasts for a limited time. I can’t say anything specific, but my guess is that it’s minutes rather than hours, and definitely not days.

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don’t worry about it, mr.freeman is a highly trained professional

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So i shouldnt be deaf for 4 days…
Does having improved hearing and ursine ears traits factor into hearing damage? Cuz i was a screen away when it happened.
Anyway thanks!

It does. Carrying around ear plugs on your neck is great for that. Have to remember to take them off / put them in

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have you tried taking ear plugs out?

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Sorry for the late reply, i didnt have earplugs in at that time. I had run about 3 rooms away, so i did not think i would be harmed.
I didnt know about the deafness mechanics, so i didnt have ear plugs on.
Just in case i did wear and take them off after to check, but to no avail.