What do you need to disassemble robots?

Just as it says on the tin.

Stand over one and try to butcher it. The game should list the requirements.
I am certain I implemented it at least once. Something may have broken it, though.

Typically it’s metal sawing, welding, soldering and screwdriving.

Toolbox and a soldering iron should more than cover it.

It didn’t say what I needed to butcher it when I tried, it simply said I lacked the tools. When I get back on I’ll try the toolbox.

It might say it in a separate message in the log.

Time. Robots dont come apart quickly, and you’ll get hungry and/or attacked if not careful.

NUUU! Me robutt done left meh! Selfish swine! All I wanted was your innards, and how just had to give me nothing! What kind of skills do you need to have a decent chance at actually getting stuff?