How do I disassemble an oven?

I thought I could disassemble furniture to get more parts. I could swear I’ve done this before.

Version of the game of 0.F

I’m in a house, standing on an oven, or standing next to an oven. I’ve taken everything off/out of the oven. I have wrenches and screwdrivers and a misc repair kit. It’s nighttime, but I’m using a lantern and it’s nice and bright.

(g)etting from the spot the oven is in, tells me the oven won’t fit in my pocket
(e)xamining the oven, tells me it’s a floor.
Stepping on the oven, tells me it’s a disconnected oven
(&) has no disassemble or deconstruct options
() Deconstruct Furniture says I have my tool with prying 1 and screwdriving 1, but tells me “You cannot deconstruct this”
) Deconstruct Simple Furniture says “You cannot deconstruct this”
(*) Advanced Object Deconstruction says I need a fireplace and some other tools.

I don’t want to smash it, and just get a couple of metal garbage. I want all the parts.

What do I need to do?

Ovens do not exist as discrete items in 0.F, you must deconstruct.

Right, but how? I went into the deconstruction menu * and picked deconstruct furniture and deconstruct simple furniture, but neither one worked.

Well, I figured out a way. Apparently the way to take apart an oven is to clip your weapon to your belt, (w)ield the oven, and disassemble it. Apparently, the way I replaced the burners on my oven at home was incorrect.

Are you sure you’re not on 0.G? You couldn’t wield an oven in 0.F because there is no oven item to wield or disassemble - Only the furniture, which requires the deconstruction menu. That changed in 0.G, where they could be taken down into item form.

can’t you just butcher them with B?

You are right. So used to “most recent version is F” that I made that mistake. In F you would disassemble it as a construction option. It’s in G that it changed and I was frustrated figuring it out.