Could we have a message on failure to disassemble?

When you look at an item you are holding some are completely impossible to disassemble (grey text) some are able to disassemble (green text) and that’s fine. The problem is the ones that are theoretically possible to disassemble but you can’t do it now with the tools you have (light red text). If you try anyway, nothing happens.

It would be really helpful if it would give a message like “You need a tool with Fine bolt turning 1 to disassemble this”.

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the title is misleading…

Although is kind of true, as the moment the only way to now what do you need is from the concept of what are you disassembling, like if its something electrical, you need an soldering iron and screwdrivers.
But i feel it would be on the quality of life improvements

Why? You literally get no message if you try to disassemble something that you can’t right now. It doesn’t even say “You can’t disassemble this now.”

Yeah, but then you get something like the minifridge where you need a drill to disassemble it.
I finally remembered the item browser to find that gem. Why does it need a drill? I’ve real-life disassembled a bits of few kitchen furniture in my past and they just needed screw drivers and spanners (although nowadays you’d probably need weird star screwdriver heads, etc.)

There is a subtle difference between a message of “failure to disassemble” and a message/text that says what do you need to disassemble.

like when you butcher something, and you get the text of “you need a butchering rack to use this butcher option” and “you failed to harvest feathers”

It does tell you that if you use the disassembly menu with ‘(’. I suggest using it if you cannot figure out what you need to disassemble a particular item. It’s worked wonders for me, anyway.

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Wheh? … I didn’t actually know ‘(’ did anything … Checks. Wow, that is super useful.

There is a subtle difference, but we don’t have either and I want both. I mean I could have put ‘useful’ in the subject, but it’s not as if it’s wrong as it stands. We don’t get message, I want message. That’s not misleading in my book. It’s like I said “Could I have a cake?” but I get told off because I didn’t say “Could I have a chocolate cake with sprinkles but just a cake would be nice, actually?”