What do professions do?

rhanks everyone for the info, i also watched the toturial and i learned:

  1. car batterys can be charged
  2. noise accualy does something
  3. accualy look at what mods you enable
  4. think
  5. use npc’s as slaves
  6. you can choose what gets hit first
  7. disable acid zombies… just no
  8. make a some water catching things

EDIT: also that the game has sound… never knew it did

whit all of this new XP i lave level up from a rookie to a… elite rookie, i’ll come back whit a report of howy next play will go

i start as a survivor in a bunker, i use the curtains and stuff to get myself a makeshift crowbar, hammer and makeshift wearing items, at night i go to the down and find bunch of good loot, and i set fire to a webthing, but walking back i tryed to attack tracking dogs who diden’t even attack me, and missed 5 times but as soon as my buddy attacked, instakill and i relised that my starting gear like the winter coat gives me huge encumbrance (20 fits), how to i combat this?

20 isn’t actually that much encumbrance by itself. The “Fits” means that it fits you perfectly, so the encumbrance of the item is as low as it’s going to get.

It’s very possible that your buddy is a lot more skilled than you in melee combat, which you can check by talking to him and asking him to tell you about himself.

How much encumbrance you can handle depends mostly on how good your melee skills are. A character with no melee skill at all will struggle to hit things with 30 encumbrance, but someone with 10 melee skill and 10 cutting/bashing/piercing skill can wear 50 or more without a huge amount of trouble (though even then there are reasons to keep it low).

As for keeping it low, your only options are to find less encumbering clothing that does the job well enough, put up with it, or, if the clothing doesn’t already fit, you can refit it with a sewing tool if your tailoring is good enough, which can help a little.

It’s always a tradeoff, and you have to try and find the right balance. 20 encumbrance shouldn’t be too hard to deal with, the big reason you can’t hit the dog is because it’s considered a small creature, which makes it much more difficult to hit than, say, a regular zombie. You’ll get better at it as your skills increase.

allright, this is ridiculus, the youtube toturial guy somehow is in rain and isent freezing but i need to have a wibter coat in a nonrainy day to survive! what am i? in the middle of winter? hmm… he does have a spear but that encumbrance of having… wait, he dosen’t have a wibter coat becose he would burn in it, so he can be a spearman, but if i must have higher encumbrance… i’ll try to craft a crossbow and gid gud at the game

My usual early survivor outfit is something like boots, socks, jeans, long underwater bottoms, long underwear top, hoodie, a hat of some kind, a balaclava, glove liners, and leather gloves. You can make 90% of it yourself with Tailoring 2 and a pile of rags. I’ll add a coat or something when I’m around base but it’s okay to be chilly while raiding.

Another option is to go for firefighter turn-out gear. You can get it the hard way by raiding firehouses (be prepared to fight 15+ firefighter zombies in decent armor) or if you’re lucky, loot it off abandoned firetrucks in the streets. A fitted turn-out coat and trousers are each around 20 encumbrance, but they’re also nearly sufficient armor to just ignore early game zombies and with 30 warmth, they also mostly solve the cold problem.

my story : start, get materails, make slings, sneak raid, forgwt to sleep, raid, useing npc as a slave becise he has no outfits so he has all body oarts infected tryng to protect me, find a worjing fire truck but save it as a boogie machine, raid, fund tank, get trapped in tank (3th time now that i die for tank), buddy dies, sleep useing ear plugs, escape, find npc, get rady w/ shotgun, attempt to lie, turns mad, attemped kill by shorgun right next to me, died

is the masion fiid pleace to settle? am a firefighter hiding in a basement and in night i will loot and carry it to the mansion, if no i will… uhh

It depends. Mansions are pretty good loot, though they may have a lot of zombies inside. If you can clear it, it’s a pretty good early game base. If you just want to loot it, a loud sound (like a shotgun) going off a tile or two away will pull most of the zombies out, allowing you to get in the other side.
Also if you do use it as a base, remember that it won’t all fit inside the reality bubble, unless you’re smack in the middle, so wandering hordes (that spawn at the edges of the bubble) may appear inside the outer walls. Check for flashing Zs on the overmap and clear 'em to prevent this.

Also acid zombies can’t hurt you if you aren’t standing on the ground level. Get yourself a bike or a shopping cart and laugh at their acid pools from your mighty elevated vantage point. (I’d post a silly webm, but I guess those aren’t enabled.)

Yea, having shooping cart is awesome, replace latter shopping cart with trunk or box (or maybe a cargo carrier?) and its better, you can turn it latter into bike or find real bike and use it but if you need better wheels i suggest finding solar car on road outside of city if you pull it to your base you can turn it into solar powered workshop and recharger or even security system (cataclysm vehicle building system is awesome!)

Mansions are realy good loot and zombies inside are not much threat, they are ordinary zombies, no hulks, no spitters, no fearl runners and center area is nice base but i suggest to raid it at night because i think that you want to avoid zombies smashing all those windows if they see your aproach

Throwing is realy good, it has been nerfed badly but still usefull, rocks can be used to make noise to drag away or lure (but you can also lure enemies by smashing wall next to you) and also are not bad option for combat also its mostly easier to hit something with throwing than melee i remember that i cleared out whole shool full of zombie children by using katanas as throwing weapons because i was not able to hit them with melee

They will, I’m pretty sure, melt the wheels off your cart or bike. Be prepared to repair it or make a new one.

I’ve never seen that happen, and testing seems to show no damage to a bicycle from driving into acid pools, even after spawning several spitters.

It was a year or two worth of updates ago but I remember the wheels coming of my cart pretty quickly while hauling it through a hospital full of spitters. I assumed it was from acid pools but maybe I missed them hitting the cart.

if you climb on something the acid will still destroy you

I’m not quite sure what you meant. It looks like autocorrect has done a number on your text so I’m not sure if that’s supposed to say “no test results show…” or not, but shopping carts, bicycles, and other vehicles absolutely will insulate you from acid pools.

i changed the massage, that was my horroble zone-out, sometimes i zone out while writing creating horroble and confusing text. when i zone out my eyes don’t see what am writing becose am imaging about rainbows and i don’t think what i write, my brain just writes random words that it thinks of at the time(like if i think of this game and what to do, i may write a story, then give a hint and steer to other games) , sometimes creating weird story’s

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