What do professions do?

professions? by that i mean how in the medic profession you hamve a trait called MD or how SWAT profession has a “SWAT officer”, they don’t seem to be doing anything! also i wanted to ask about the swat card, ruot robots can’t reconise it, so what does that do or what do skinny ties do?

EDIT : also what reach attacks do? they don’t attack from 2 tiles away

EDIT2: also i googled asperin, it told me asperin is used as a painkiller and against fever and swolling, does it reduce infection penaltys?

Eyebots and police robots are both friendly to Swat/Police officers, as long as they’re wearing a badge.

MD lets you use a certain piece of equipment in hospitals.

Reach attacks DO attack from 2 tiles away, or 3 in the case of the Awlpike. You need to hit the F key (or whatever your “fire ranged weapon” key is) in order to use it.

Skinny ties are clothing. They’re purely decorative. I think they might count as fancy, so they might give a morale bonus to characters with the stylish trait? Otherwise they are just there for thematic purposes.

thanks,I’ll keep that info in mind and also try to think more logicaly now, like that black bwlt trait would probably give me higher combat and intimidating… yeah, still can’t use logical rhinking, but thanks

Aspirin is a very mild, nonaddictive painkiller. It has no effect on infection. For early (blue) infection, you need disinfectant, thyme oil, a first aid kit or cauterization (very risky last resort, and can sometimes make the infection worse!). For late stage (green) infection, only antibiotics or a first aid kit will help, though you can very rarely survive it without treatment.

okay then, as you seem somone who can survive more then 2 days in-game, i wanted to ask how to i avoid getting 4 broken limbs in combat (i know about armor and the glothing mechanism, but even if i spawn in good leather armor i get broken limbs… also pain is a broblam, after combat i have like 40 pain and all stats are reduced for the next 4 hours, pretty annoying, so how to i avoid pain when in close combat

The simple but not very helpful answer is to not get hit so much. This is mostly learning how to avoid enemies and lead them into situations where you have the advantage. You’re faster than almost all enemies when sprinting (with the " key by default) and you can use your speed to make enemies go where you want them to.

A favorite tactic is to light a bush on fire, and lead zombies into it, but in a pinch you can just fight them at an area with a very high movement penalty, such as a windowsill or some wreckage. Using reach weapons is also very effective if you stab once, then run away a bit, then stab again while remaining out of range. Positioning is key, and so is leaving an escape route open. If your pain gets too high, you generally shouldn’t be fighting at all if you can avoid it, as it drops your speed dramatically, and speed is life.

Also, pay attention to what areas your armor covers, and what it’s coverage value is. If a piece of armor has 80% coverage, that means there’s a 20% chance that an attack will just pass through the cracks and hit you directly. Some items, like kneepads, have very high damage resistance, but low coverage. Try and find the best balance that gives you good protection without being too encumbered to fight properly.

but almost every time i leave my house therrs like 10 zombkes just waiting, even whitout surrended start

i try to fight like that but i normally run out of stamina, so then i ha w to fight, then hit me so i have lower stats so i have lower speed witch makes a circle o death

i learned yesterday that the encumbrance can be DRAMATICALLY lowered by useing 1 wearing item on every slot and not to eqiup 5 diffrent socks in an attempt to incrise armor, but nows my question: how to get items that requce my freezing whitout big encumbrance, becose normally armor has high encumbrance, so i have to xhoose if to wear a blazer or my wooden armor

scrww it, am going to play and see hiw your help helps me, ill come back but bye for nos

It sounds like you’re starting in a town rather than a shelter, which is very dangerous for a new player as towns are always filled with zombies of all kinds. Your best bet in that situation is probably to just sprint as fast as you can out of the city, find a relatively isolated building somewhere in the wilderness, and hole up there while learning to scavenge from undergrowth. From there you can slowly build up your skills and equipment until you’re ready to take on the kind of zombie hordes you get in the cities.

The items with the best warmth for the least encumbrance in the early game are probably the balaclava, long underwear bottom, and long underwear top. You can craft these pretty early on with just rags, thread and a wooden needle. I think they need tailoring 2?

If you’re still having trouble, I’d probably recommend watching a Let’s Play or two to see how experienced players play. I’d recommend checking out Rycon Roleplays, as he does a good job of explaining what he’s doing in the early episodes of his series while still telling an interesting story.

Also Vormithrax has a tutorial series as well as his Cataclysm University series of videos.

but wilderness is a death trap, what am i gonna do? i can’t farm beose every season is too cold, i have no food, swamps are dangerous water source and no med kits if i get injured

ok, ill watch this, thanks for the help even if this post now should be “if youre a confused newbie, come here”

also fun fact : i always ignore near sight, farsight anf and forgetful becose they seem to be just free points as forgetful only does something if i enable skill rust, and sight can be ignored by wearing glasses… so never take off glasses and youre good

Wilderness is safer than the city. It’s only too cold to plant in winter and early spring. By mid to late spring the ground will be warm enough to plant.

Swamps range from totally safe to super no-go - the amount of monsters that spawn there varies from tile to tile, so find a safe one if you can. It’s a source of food, from cattail stalks and occasionally giant flies and things, and fresh and salt water, and wood. In the dangerous ones you can often snipe a lot of meat from the corpses as everything runs around killing each other, you just have to be careful not to get too close to something that’s not busy fighting something else.

Forage in underbrush in swamp and forest tiles and you can find lots of food, but also canola seeds and thyme, which can be made into cooking oil, and then into thyme oil, which is a pretty effective first aid tool even if it’s slow to make. Bee balm can be turned into a cold remedy, and mugwort into an anti-parasitic if you caught something from drinking unboiled water.

Just be wary of flashing Zs on the overmap, out in the wilderness it’s probably a decayed pouncer or worse. Once you get within two overmap tiles the flashing Z will disappear as the creature(s) are now inside your reality bubble where they can come at you.
Some wildlife can be dissuaded from approaching you by yelling, but making noise may attract those flashing Zs so look before you shout.

Glasses can be damaged like any other article of clothing and wind up eventually destroyed. They also can’t be worn under a power armor helmet.

if you find a “pair of contacts” you can use them to temporarily remove sight trait penalties without glasses.

So three pieces of advice for a new survivor:

  1. Throw stuff. 5-6 rocks don’t take up much weight or encumbrance, but when you know you’re about to get attacked, throwing them at a zombie is basically free damage. As you get better, your throwing range improves. Throwing is the ‘t’ keystroke normally.
  2. Manage your encumbrance for a fight. When my beginning survivor sees a wolf approaching, he drops his backpack and ditches the sweater - it’s better to be chilly and alive than warm but dead. You can put your stuff back on after you’ve survived.
  3. If you have to drop your backpack and abandon your loot and then run away, mark the tile on the map. Come back later with more skills and better weapons and get your stuff back.

But seriously, a lot of my early survivors make it through the first few weeks by dumping encumbrance before a fight, throwing stuff to weaken approaching enemies, and running away when the odds get bad. Don’t stand and fight unless you have to or you’re sure you can win).

(of course, a lot of my early survivors don’t make it through the early weeks when I get stubborn and don’t run when I should. No plan is perfect.)