The 'Regular' Badge

i noticed when i was looking through the badges theres was this one called “regular” i also noticed only kevin and discobot had the badge, is there something special, or some op mod powers that you get from the badge thatmakes so only the bot and the leader get it, or am i missing something. also why is it called “regular” if its not for the regulars on the forum, and finally… is there a way i can get it

I had the regular title on and off… You can actually get it if you show some moderate activity on the forum; read and respond to posts over a longer period of time, give likes, receive likes, stuff like that.

It comes with some perks; you can move and rename topics, you get a higher likes-per-day limit and maybe other stuff I’ve never fully found out.
You basically turn into a low tier moderator. I call it “low tier” as you can’t just edit or delete other peoples stuff.

If you read the description of the badge there’s a link that explains it a bit deeper, including the requirements: Understanding Discourse Trust Levels

I’ve lost my “regular” status after I’ve slowed down on posting/answering (since currently real life stuff eats away a lot of my time).

ok thanks for explaining

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