What can we do with this sentence 'You can wear it if you like, but it won't provide any effects.'

Repeated > 200 times in json files. I have been reading the code a bit, overall how are builds the sentences. I only want to translate that sentence 1 time not more than 200 times, it is a waste of space memory and time besides sometimes one change in that sentence has to be replicated and translated 200 times, to X languages.

This is a extreme case but not the only one. If you add same text with a variation, there are a tonne. More languages translated, more people involved, more evolution in game, more content.

Same happens when we add a size for elements, like the new size XS, after XL.

Can somebody tell me if there is a way to correct this. And in case there is not a valid implementation for do this. Can we create a path to do this. In last years sentences grow 20%. That’s insane in content, but the main problem, is there is a lot of repetition, that costs translation time.

Thanks for reading until the end, and sorry for the clickbait title.

I agree. There are more and more variants of items that reuse some or most of the basic item description with some changes for specific variant. It gets crazy when you realize how much extra unnecessary text there is to translate.

We have a boots, the boots can be of size xl, normal , xs, and can be of many materials but we are going to focus in steel, tempered, hardened, mild, low carbon, high carbon, medium carbon.

The boots are the same boots, size and material changes.

Why are 30 sentences for the same boot to translate. Now multiply for every element.

I say a boot but i can say a ring with gold, platinum, copper at least there are not size with them yet.

And a wall, that can be done, from earth compacted, logs, metal, xxxx, concrete and can be in a position that can be E, W, N, S, NE, NW, SE, SW. I think i have translated and recheck so much sentences of this that i hate it a lot, every time i see the recheck aaaaaaaaaah.

AAAAAAAAAAAAA, i don’t know what to say more, somebody can provide a solution.

It’s wasting a lot of time of contributors. When you change a definition you change 100 sentences that need to be translate it again.

I am tired, i give up. Thanks Noctivagante and Faalagorn for help me with its work to the translation of spanish.

“it looks cool but doesn’t do anything else”

One of those things was recently fixed, see Display cut down message based on TREE flag by haveric · Pull Request #55293 · CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA · GitHub

I’d be more than willing to help assist with these kind of issues, same as with the tree flag. Just need to be made aware of them through discord or a github issue. I’ll start looking into this one, but feel free to ping me on discord and we can discuss a larger fix for more of these types of issues.


PR Created: Create NO_WEAR_EFFECT flag for jewelry's 'won't provide and effects' by haveric · Pull Request #55550 · CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA · GitHub