For difusion: To developers and writers of content, use variables for splitting strings repeated

Actual size cataclysm today in master-cataclysm-dda:
Sentences is 55569
words 621227

A lot of content, the main problem is there are a lot of repetition and for translators (like me) or new languages is a nightmare.

I am readapting all sentences in my native language Spanish and for that i have to read all sentences and compare words etc. I found that in the past repetition was common but lately in new sentences i found that this pattern is repeated and i assume is because there is not a clear explanation how to use sentences inside sentences. I only going to comment third cases but there are a lot.

First one, from (from 2015 to 2648) repetitions of rings necklaces cufflinks tiaras, with almost same description. With variables you only have to add diamond, gold in a variables and clean all that.

Second one, is from basecamps, you need to build … from (metal scraps, wood, etc)

Third one, is from today, the sentences
a voice saying
a confidence voice saying
a gentle voice saying

There are a lot of repetition.

We are wasting memory, space, time and reducing our base of contributors over all translators, that burns because nobody wants to translate 3 hours of rings or necklaces that are the same but change a material. Besides a little change in that sentences multiply for X times because you need to repeated X times.

Note: i have more than 1000 hours as translator in this project and i will need one more year to read and adapt the sentences if necessary, but translating and checking the same sentences with little variation delay me a lot. Please use variables DRY.

Thank you to all for your contributions to make this game fun and great.


What is the right version? Why don’t write one time and then repeat using like a variable. No better repeat one more time, and maybe with an error. So please try to use variables.

The angles of the geometric objects around
The angles of geometric objects around

Differences between this sentences:
8866 none 8867 none 8868 none 8869 none 8870 none 8872 none 8873 none.


Well almost two months ago, there are 2000 sentences more, and right now again we repeat all sizes, this time for xs, this is inefficient.
leg splints
leg splints XL
leg splints XS
Now multiply by three every piece of clothes, and we keep bloating.