What balance settings work best for you?

One think I’ve personally been trying to do in my various playthroughs of Cata is trying to figure out the right balance for the debug stats. How high should I turn up item spawns? How high should I set skill learning? I’m looking to help improve my balance experiments by getting a feel for how others set things, so share your settings!

How many trait points? How many skill points? how many attribute points?

Do you have skill rust off or on, and set how?

How high is your skill learning rate?

Do you up monster spawns? Do you slow or speed up their evolution? Do you use static, wander spawns, or both? NPCs off or on?

How high do you have your item spawn? 1.00 seems too low, but it’s hard to find a balance between ‘recently abandoned and partially looted’ and ‘people disappeared and left all of their stuff’.

I usually increase evo time.
I increase monster spawn from time to time.
If i change item spawn i reduce it to like half or lower.
I always play with skill rust.
I use vanilla stat points.

5x monster spawn
.03 NPC spawn
skill rust OFF (because I don’t want to play someone with brain damage who literally forgets what they earlier on the same day)
single pool

everything else default

I use intelligence based skill rust, single pool, static npcs, and default everything else. I am finding that the base item spawn seems a bit to high for me so i plan to put it down a bit when this character dies.

I like the game but due to depression and fatigue disorders I have hard time dealing with the difficulty, so I play it pretty casual. Non-hardcore scrublord here. :I


Thanks to NPC, I still can read. He never teaches me alphabet, though, as if he knows his value. :smiley:

I’m trying a few games with revivification turned off and it’s starting to grow on me. I guess I feel like killing a zombie implies you’ve done enough damage or gotten enough good headshots in to make it stay down for good. It seriously cuts down on the tedium of having to “clean up” after a major battle by pulping a few dozen corpses.

Of course, this point is purely a matter of taste.

I’ve been doing some games with zombie speed at 125% and zombie resilience at 75%, with reviving turned off.

This change forces a lot of adaptation to my normal playstyle, which has made the game a bit more interesting.

[quote="§k, post:6, topic:13220"]Illiterate.

Thanks to NPC, I still can read. He never teaches me alphabet, though, as if he knows his value. :D[/quote]

All i can envision there is some heavily armed guy with a sniper rifle on his back, a pistol in a holster on his side, and a machete shethed on the other side with a childlike expression of joy on his face as a little 5th grader is reading him cllifford the big red dog

I love freeform character generation and always use it. I make my character however I want, and even occasionally debug in a few items or maybe even a vehicle at the start of the game if I feel it fits in with the style of character I’m creating.