What type of game settings do you use and why?

I mean “skill rust/no skill rust”, “6 default stat point/9999 stat point” etc.

I use default, becouse um… we need some kind of balance, I think.
Or not?..

I turn skill rust off due to the fact that it annoys me to no end when it rusts while reading.

I usually use default skill points, sometimes I don’t use them all :slight_smile:

I play without skill rust, because I don’t see it adding anything interesting to the game, I previously played around with the int capped rust mode but still felt annoyed watching hours upon hours of skill grinding melt away when doing longer loot runs.
Otherwise my stat point and trait options are standard although I thought about taking away the initial six points and maybe increasing the possible trait points by six.

When I do play an actual game (as opposed to just bug fixing) I generally turn skill rust off (or occasionally int capped). Other then that I’m basically default settings.

I use no skill rust and for some reason use an amount of points a lot higher than it needs to be.

My settings are,

Initial points: 6 (Sometimes if I want a certain profession I will up it but only for a certain profession and not for raising stats or more beneficial traits)

Trait points: 12 (Feel it’s balanced enough to at least raise my stats to what I want and for at least for 3 bad and 3 good traits I feel like at the moment)

skill rust: capped (I usually toggle between this and skill rust since I enjoy both just depends on my mood, sometimes I do not feel like up-keeping some stats but sometimes I do do not mind)

Spring, 6 am: I sometimes choose winter to start in just depends on my mood. The 6 am is since it gets full daylight by around 7 I feel it gives me about an extra hour or two for that day to go around doing stuff before it starts to get dark and I feel I need to get to shelter to read something.

Season Length, 31 days: Just since most months have 30/31 days except for February I feel it just sets a more realistic mode for me.

Classic Zombies, False: I enjoy having to fight other supernatural type mobs.

Random NPC’s: Because they still cause problems with the game haha

Static Spawn, True: I just feel it’s more realistic and plus not having to worry about zombies spawning on top of you. Not sure if it does that anymore though.

Mutation By Radiation, True: Sometimes I turn this off but usually have it turned on since it makes me act more cautious before entering certain places by wearing the appropiate attire.

Distance Visibility, 20: Generally since it just opens more of the map at the start I figured no biggie since the world is huge and not like I have more of a chance of finding a cabin on the map at the start anyway or anything not seen often lol.

Mob Spawn Rate: 1.50 Normally 1.50 but sometimes I up it up to 3.0, have not tried higher yet. I feel there is not enough mobs in the standard 1.0

Item Spawn Rate: .50 to 1.0 sometimes. I find a ton of good items on 1.0 so I felt lowering it sometimes depending on my mood gives me more of a challenge

Delete World, Yes: I like perma-death and feel like I am cheating when I can just re-load a previous save even though I guess you could just make copies of the file but I feel if I die then that world should die.

Size of Cities, 4-7: I have tried it at cap and it was crazy fun but generally stick to default but 7 is normally the highest I go for now since it does make them decently pretty big.

I select “Play Now”

Wait. Can I change game settings on fly? Or the game run under settings that was on start?
I change my mind about classic skill rust - too boring.
Should I start new game?

[quote=“Fenix-Ф, post:8, topic:5253”]Wait. Can I change game settings on fly? Or the game run under settings that was on start?
I change my mind about classic skill rust - too boring.
Should I start new game?[/quote]

Yeah, classic rust makes it tricky to accomplish anything. If the option doesn’t say it requires a restart, then you’re probably OK changing it on the fly.