What are some things that should be in the Cataclysm?

I’ve probably mentioned this, but one thing I’d like to see if NPC and enemy factions ever get worked out would be the “scientific vampires” from I Am Legend.
In the book, vampirism is a rare disease that’s been around forever but recently went airborne, and the protagonist is perhaps the last normal human alive.
By day he goes out and hunts these nocturnal creatures, by night they lay siege to his fortified home, taunting him, trying to keep him awake, and testing his defenses in various ways. They’re intelligent and resourceful and mean.


Well thank you for the info. Strange to think I can chug a bottle of crap and benefit seemingly more than a V8.

I am liking the changes to NPCs. They still could defend when being eaten alive and they still just stand around being eaten. But the bandits mostly try to kill me on sight. Which is both great and sucks at the same time lol

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Glass cutter. Id like to break into glass cases with out setti g off the alarms or at least a lowered chance.


Add randomly popping zeds in the fields, so players would still feel the horror in the wilds :slight_smile:

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Motorized digging via vehicles.

Sense of smell, disgust by visual (see zombie with his guts hanging out for the first time – puke), different meat and organs for all types of creatures.
Fried spider legs should be disgusting to eat (unless you in to that sort of thing :wink: ). Over time you can stop vomiting while eating it, but it will never be tasty to you.

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Rockwheels can already dig shallow pits.

Oh cool, didn’t even realize it. Somehow I’ve managed to play over 100 days in game without running into a trencher.

Would you concoct a framework of smell in game terms for us?

I am intrigued now by the thought. But it isn’t my idea, so…

Sorry if I seem pretty lacking of mods and such (I play mobile, and just updated to the newest version (was playing the default android version, which is from late 2018, something like version O.C. 0.2xxxxx.)) But there should be more faction wars, and more factions in general, like a group of bandits that mainly use vehicles that are modded the heck out of (Technicals, APC’s, etc.), sure making NPCs drive is almost out of possibilities, but its a goal at least. More weaponry too, especially modern lauchers, maybe even emplacements, like javelins (We have the Rivtech HMG, and maybe like a javelin too), another goal that may or may not happen within the next few years is aircraft…

Feel free to contribute more factions. I’ve posted some ideas but as far as I know, only I-am-erk is implementing them and I am busy coding new stuff and fixing C++ bugs (that I introduced the last time I coded new stuff).

Haha, I would love to, but if I knew how I would’ve already tried my luck at it, but so far my coding experience is moving points and connecting them on that scratch program…
Also, that was a couple years ago too.

Being able to craft mini fridges and mini freezers. Seriously, we can craft mobile forges, mobile welders, mobile kitchens and chem labs but not a bloody fridge or freezer? And an option to show, which mod does an item/crafting recipe comes from. And selecting stuff for disassembly the way we select stuff for multidrop.

I would like to be able to see if something is rotten when I’m crafting food

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You can craft mini-freezers and mini-fridges for at least a month now.


Man, if only someone had written a guide to adding non-code, JSON data only content intended for first time modders.

oh wait, I did.


Aha, thanks. Shouldn’t have believed the wiki and the item browser and actually checked myself near all of my books. But why they are impossible to disassemble (or am I missing something again? This time I checked near all of my tools and a welding rig)?

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Lol, fair enough, got me there… :slight_smile:

Damn, you must be a pretty intuitive instructor, keep the directions subtle and easy to understand, definitely something I would have trouble doing…

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One random thing I’ve been thinking would be useful to have in cata is a Faraday flashlight. You know the emergency flashlights that you charge by shaking a magnet through a coil of copper wire? Could produce a small radius of light and create a constant noise while active to make up for the fact that you don’t need batteries? Poor man’s version of an atomic lamp that you can craft?

That would be cool. A carbide lamp would be nice too, since we already have calcium carbide lumps:

Maybe we should also have some way to produce oxyacetylene, too? It seems the hardest part of that is getting the calcium carbide. Afterwards, any schmuck can make acetylene gas*, and if you collected it and mixed it with the gas from an oxy tank, it should be good enough to weld with.

* with the caveat that if he’s REALLY a schmuck, he may blow himself up – the reaction is exothermic so you have to be careful not to let it run too fast and get too hot, otherwise it might ignite the acetylene it’s producing and explode!